Making Memories

#awesome time at Great Mackerel Beach

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Spent the weekend running around like a crazy woman taking children to all sorts of things making beautiful memories for my offspring. It was a busy one. In 48 hours we managed the following;

  • Friday night concert watching The Veronicas
  • Saturday morning watching Horatio play tennis
  • Rolled a quick Yum Cha
  • Had friends over for dinner
  • Hosted a sleepover
  • Drove up to Palm Beach, had a heart attack over lack of parking opportunities.
  • Ferry across to Great Mackerel Beach
  • Jump off the jetty exactly 283 times (not me, I had to watch each time)
  • Family Lunch then Ferry again
  • Rugby Registration, where I had responded earlier in the week saying I would be willing and able to assist with the BBQ. Because I didn’t feel like I had done enough already this weekend. When I turned up, the accountants, lawyers, bankers and project managers on the BBQ told me to go over and see how I could assist the “Ladies”. I told them to stop being such sexist twats and donned a red apron with BUNNINGS printed on it, grabbed TWO pairs of tongs and showed them how it was really done. I didn’t make any friends.
  • Came home, ordered a pizza and fell asleep.

And now this morning, as I sit and type, I am feeling nervous. Why?

Well, you see we have a new Huffy Puffy Trainer to the Mildly Obese starting with the group today, following Mrs. Sparks move to Melbourne. She sounds nice on the phone. Mrs. Goodman will not have anyone yelling at her and can silence even the most hard-ass person with her signature stare. I am frightened of anyone who looks like they could inflict any pain on me, and Mrs Jenkins is just a trooper and takes shit from no one. Things could get interesting.

Watch this space.

Tell me about your weekend?

Did you sleep in, get breakfast in bed, have a massage and get taken out to your favourite restaurant?