How to play Spotto.


I am not sure who exactly invented Spotto. I am pretty sure that nobody has ever put their hand up to admit it, but in millions of cars all over the world, you can hear the cry “SPOTTO”.

So just what is it?

It is a game that you play when in the car, traditionally during lengthy journeys. When a yellow car comes into vision, the first person to see it yells SPOTTO and gets a point. At the end of the trip the person with the most points wins. In our family, you don’t actually win a physical prize, you just own the title until the next trip.

My boys have built up eagle-like vision when it comes to yellow cars. They can even see them before they come around the corner. Side streets can also dig up some veritable gems.

Now, over the summer we spent a lot of time in the car and SPOTTO was played regularly. The thing about SPOTTO is that it becomes an intrinsic part of your behaviour, a bit like Pavlov’s dog I suppose. Mr Woog and I would be in the car by ourselves, running errands, fetching stuff and other such exciting pursuits. We might be talking about plans, or feelings, when all of a sudden he will interrupt proceedings and yell “SPOTTO.”

Another observation is that the further you move north, the more competitive SPOTTO gets, as you see I am of the belief that northerners are more adventurous when it comes to car colour choice. You can even download an ap now, to make sure that the game runs smoothly. Click here.

So what about SNOTTO? Yes, that is what you yell when you see a green car. Another game that we made up was DOGGO, which is what you yell when you see a canine. You get a bonus point if you can name the breed.




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What is your family’s signature car game?

Or has in build DVD players taken over?