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Love him or loathe him, the general consensus would seem that our Prime Minister Tony Abbott is about as popular as a fart in an elevator. After a series of cringe worthy moves, there is strong suggestions coming out of Canberra that this time next week, we will have yet again, a new Prime Minister.

It is quite simple really. If there were to be an election held tomorrow, the Liberal Party would be booted as fast as you can say “Change the locks Annie!” So in a mad scramble to keep their jobs, slowly they are coming forward and suggesting that indeed, a new look cabinet might be the only chance to remain in government for more than one term. It is all lumped under the ironic umbrella that is called “Losing Faith”.

Enter Malcolm Turnbull. AKA THE SMOOTH GREY HOPE.

Now Mr Turnbull is aware of my writings on the internet, as he once told one of the editors at The Hoopla that he very much enjoyed my work. And then he went on to ask, if I was fat. 

“Mr. Turnbull, I am built for comfort, and not for speed.” And that is all I am going to say about that. #bizarre #fattist #greensmoothie #babyweight #babyisnow11 #wagonwheels

And now it would appear that the only thing standing in is way, well…. is gay!


Will he back down from his stance on same sex unions?

So here is where I hand the blog over to you, you gorgeous things. When it comes to our National Leaders….

What is really going on in your head?