Tight Pants don’t stand a Chance in Montana!

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David Moore aka POINDEXTER


A Republican Representative from Montana, one Mr.David Moore, want you to put your dang camel toe away. This week he introduced a bill to make it illegal to wear yoga pants, with a proposed 6 month prison term for first offenders.

If there is a hint of buttocks, genitals, pelvic area or female nipple, (mens nipples remain ok) Mr. Moore thinks you should be arrested.

‘I want Montana to be known as a decent state where people can live within the security of laws and protect their children and associates from degrading and indecent practices,’ 

Well thank GOD I don’t live in Montana, in fact, in my neighbourhood chicks wear their gym clothes all day and everyday. I too have been known to don my Lorna Jane Pants of Power, walk the kids to school and go on a brisk walk around the streets, saying hi to the other chicks doing brisk walks around the streets.

Is Montana going to introduce some sort of Drink Driving scenario, setting up Camel Toe Busters?

Officer: “Ma’am, Ima gonna have to take you in. You have been charged with indecency as I can see the outline of your bottom.”

Does one then join other yoga pant criminals and appear before the court? I didn’t know that my pants of power could assist in labelling me a pervert. I just want to go for a walk so I can eat neenish tarts. Yoga pants are comfortable and make me feel like I am doing some good. I am not one for wearing them with a little, fitted tank top, for I am considerate of others. I wear mine with a baggy t-shirt that covers my bum. But I wear them as the occasion calls for them, and don’t  give a shit if I am sneered at by others.

I have even been busted by the SMH wearing exercise clothes in public.

I am just very relieved that these laws will NEVER be considered here in Australia. Isn’t that right Tony?

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For the record, the proposed bill was rejected.

Do you get offended by yoga pants?