What freaks me out!

This post is sponsored by Mortein

As you know, I have been working with Mortein and their STOP THE FREAKOUT campaign, so following on from our recent conversation about katsaridphobia I thought I would open up a general dialogue about things that freak me out.

Now I admitted in that post that I am brave when it comes to spiders, and I usually escort them out into the garden with care. But there is something that has freaked me out a bit. It is this part of my built in wardrobe.


You see the other day I was shoving away some beads when I noticed a very large spider sitting on the back of the section where I put things that I am not sure where they should actually go. Like raggedy old jumpers that are too comfy to part with.

Anyway, I saw the big spider, had a little heart attack and went to bravely go and get my glass and a bit of paper so I could capture her and take her outside. When I returned from the kitchen, the spider had…gone.

So now I cannot wear anything from that section for the next 1-3 years, which is the average lifespan of a spider. Which is a shame because that blue and white jumper is a favourite.

But as part of the bigger picture, I thought I would share with you some other things that freak me out.

Creepy Crawlies. Whether cockroaches are American, German, Australian or oriental. None of you are welcome in my house.

Dog Poo. I am somehow drawn like a moth to a flame when it comes to seeking out a freshly laid turd. My shoes are like a magnet. And the freak-out that occurs afterwards is enormous.

People that sneak up on you. It is not funny to sneak up on me when I am just sitting around minding my own business. I have cat-like reflexes as well, so you could score yourself a punch in the nose.

Bin Juice. It can be total freak out city when I empty the bin. I pull out the liner, tie the top in a knot and as I transfer it to the outside bin, if there is any liquid that drips out of the bottom and onto my feet, well you will hear about it!

Mayonnaise. Just because GROSS. And it is on EVERYTHING.

Watching celebrities eat random things in South Africa. I am not a fan of this, and watching it for entertainment makes no sense to me. Pass the remote please.

Gifts from Chuy. I have never met a mouse that I have liked, and I do not like them presented to me upon waking. In my bed. Next to my face.

Turbulence. Why, just this month I held a strangers hand as the plane I was travelling in went through a particularly rough patch. The lady was lovely and understanding. Thank you random stranger!

Freaking out goes against my desired state, which is to remain calm and relaxed. The adrenaline that floods my body sticks me in that most hideous of feeling, the fight or flight response. And I know that a lot of you suffer this when you come across a cockie.

Some examples? Sure!

“I once lost my shit when I awoke to the feeling of a big glossy cockroach IN MY HAIR. The more I thrashed around like a madwoman trying to get it out the more tangled it became.” * shudders *

“I don’t like them one little bit and as for the freak out rating…well, let’s just say that in between my borderline screams of horror, the can of Mortein that lives under our kitchen sink got quite the work out last week when a flying cockroach decided to visit our lounge room!”

“When we moved into this ‘renovators delight’ we had a problem with cockroaches, mice and wasps. The good old Mortein fixed the cockies and wasps. The surface spray is exceptional.”

Try and remain calm people, and not freak out. It is bad for your chakras. For more information about how Mortein Rapid Kill can assist with your inner zen, please click here.


 So tell me, what freaks you out the most?