A Womans right to shoes.

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On Saturday afternoon I wandered over to a mates place to celebrate Valentines Day for you see Mr. Woog had left for the weekend, while another friends husband had left some 4 years ago, never to return. It was a hot, muggy day and I was wearing my most loathed item of clothing, the short. I apologised for my shorts, telling the gals that it was too hot to wear anything else.

“It’s not the shorts you need to apologise for. It is the shoes….” I was told.

Now these types of sledges can only come from a friendship that has spanned over decades, so I promptly told them both to fuck off, kicked them off, curled myself up onto the couch and proceeded to make love to a bottle of savvy b.

The shoes in question were a pair of white leather loafers and it is only now that I have typed those words “white leather loafers” that I can start to believe their teasing about trying to out-Seinfeld Jerry Seinfeld, or taking up lawn bowls. What can I say? I am a comfort dresser.

And I loathe heels.

I loathe people who trot about in massive sky-scraper heels and tell me how comfortable they are. I loathe it when I am looking up at my shorty friends. I watch in envy as I see people dancing on TV shows wearing massive heels and make it look so simple. It is bullshit.

I own one pair of sensible wedges which I think are quite high, and which my friends laugh at me when I wobble around in them if such an occasion requires.

So when did all these gals learn to walk in heels? Isn’t it enough to celebrate the fact that we learnt to walk at all? Watching a one year old girl trying to walk, I almost feel like telling her “Mate, the worst is yet to come. Give it 16 years and then you will know trouble…”

Why don’t guys have to wear stupid, inconvenient, uncomfortable things? Like heels and sucker in garments.

And so when it comes to shoes, what is your preferred footwear?

PS Please excuse all the Sex and The City language. I watched many, many episodes on the weekend.