Woogs on the Move – Whistler

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Finally I get to use my passport tomorrow, the one that I look like a sleep deprived ice addict. You see. Mr. Woog has a travel bucket list, and Whistler is at the top of it. Yes, a family holiday to the snow and while it is not at the top of MY list (hello Italy….) I am planning to spend my time eating bacon, eating bacon, eating bacon and cracking the back of this book, as the deadline looms.

I am a pretty shit skier. I was a good skier when I was a kid, but then age came along and well, dodgy knees etc so now I am a frightened little ski bunny. Speaking of ski bunnies, well they scare me as well. How can some chicks pull off a glamorous look in ski gear? You know then when you see them… tight white ski pants with a matching jacket, gleaming blonde hair peaking out of a cute little beanie and large designer sunnies. They glide down the slopes with the greatest of ease.

Meanwhile I am the great big fucking yeti in a black parka scoffing hot chocolate in front of the fire. And I am A-OK with that. I am starting a new thing. The Ski Beaver.

The Ski Beaver gets the kids off to ski school before retreating to a nearby bar, laptop in hand, and writes her guts out hoping inspiration pours in. She will eat bacon and drink hot, alcoholic drinks all the while hoping to find another Ski Beaver to trade stories with. She will be wearing jeans and 17 layers over the top. And ugg boots.

I will, however, get down the slopes on occasion to give the kids something to laugh at. Because I am a good sport like that.

Whistler? Have you been? Any tips warmly welcomed!

Where is the top of YOUR travel bucket list?