A stirring in my loins.

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Last night I escaped from the asylum and took myself out to dinner with a couple of mates. The discussion was the usual I suppose, how one of my mates LOST HER SHIT at her family, how much goes on behind the scenes when it comes to managing a family and how hungry we were. And then we started discussing love, or to put it more succinctly, our first loves.

It was 1986 and he was 15 and I was 12. I fell in love with him at first sight, up there on the screen when I watched the film Stand By Me. Right then and there, I knew we were to be married and I would be Mrs. Phoenix and we would hold hands. A LOT. So to get the process rolling, I wrote a long, long letter to him, telling him all about myself and how I had a pony and how we could go riding together. I also said we had a big house so if he wanted to come and visit, he was more than welcome to have a sleepover. A few weeks later, I got a River Phoenix Fan Pack in the post which had a photo and a sticker and THAT WAS IT. Nothing to actually indicate that he even knew I existed.

A few years later my future husbands heart stopped working due to his preference of party drugs, and all hopes were dashed. I was naturally very upset, but by that stage had moved on…..

Andrew Macarthy

LORD KNOWS what I was thinking. Looking back now Andrew had all the sexiness of a wet washer that you find behind the dunny, but when he kissed Molly Ringwald in that vestibule during the prom even though she came from the wrong side of town, well who didn’t fall for his soppy charms…

My friends are slightly “fresher” than me, and their objects of affection were somewhat different. Joey from New Kids on the Block was highly rated…

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But there was no judgement because I had gotten myself all hot and bothered over a midget who was in a cult.

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We all preferred Corey Haim (left) over the other Corey,(right) but sadly he went the way of River.

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Honourable mentions went to Andrew Shue, Johnny Depp during his Jumpstreet days, Richard Gere, Patrick Swayzee and most interestingly, FACE from the A-Team. Yet we all agreed that there was someone who stood the test of time, and like a good red wine, just keeps getting better with age.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 9.07.38 amDelicioso.

So my friends, you might reveal your own vintage here, but the question remains.

Who was your first celebrity crush?