Choose Your Own Adventure!

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Just before we boarded our direct flight from Vancouver to Sydney, at 15 hours one of the longest legs possible, I read an article about a British Airways flight from London to Dubai that had to be aborted due to a health risk, about 20 minutes into the trip.

You see, a passenger had obviously eaten a bad curry or some such, and had used the bathroom to ablute in an extreme fashion. The smell was so intense, and fogged the entire aircraft so much so, that the pilots threw their hands in the air and turned that plane around.

Could you even imagine it?

So I was not delighted to find that our seats on the Air Canada flight were assigned right next to the toilets. I might have well offered my services as a human toilet paper dispenser. I was privy to a variety of pongs over the next 15 hours and was as pleased as punch when  the plane touched down in bonny Sydney.

Mr. Woog went straight to work while the kids and I came home. I put the key in the door and turned it. And as I opened the door, a smell wafted out to greet me. But what was it?

If you have a weak stomach, please click here.

If you have iron guts, I invite you to click here.

Please note that only one of these endings is true.