Choose your own adventure – The Happy Ending

Please note that this post will make no sense unless you have read this first.

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The door drifted open and the first thing I noticed was the scent of pine-o-clean which was coming off the gleaming floor boards. As I walked into my bedroom, someone had spritzed the linen with that really nice spray that you can get at Adairs.  I put down my bag and noted a large vase of gardenias, my favourite flower of all time.

Into the lounge-room I went, appreciating the gentle aroma of the Glass House Montego Bay Candle that was flickering away on the mantelpiece.

But something was making me hungry.

I realised that the same person who had lit the candle, spritzed the linen and picked the flowers had also prepared a huge pot of BabyMac’s Chicken Cacciatore, which was quietly simmering away on the stovetop and turning the air in the kitchen into gastronomical perfume of the most pleasing kind.

I was completely happy.