How I hurt my cankle.

Have you ever had an article of clothing pose a risk to your physical well being? I have! Here is a post I wrote about how a nasty kaftan tried to kill me. But today, as I prepare for Huffy Puffy after a 3 week break (hold me) I realised that there was another item of clothing in my wardrobe that wished me harm.

I present to you, my cankle*.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 9.23.07 am

You might notice that there is some abrasions present. These are caused by a pair of pants I wore yesterday, jeans in fact, that had a zip on the inside seam. Seems I cannot walk without knocking my cankles together, thus creasing BLOOD. And pain and profanities every time that zipper ripped into my flesh.

I also have another item of apparel that causes me the exact same injury. I present to you, THE OBJECT S OF TORTURE.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 9.07.48 am

These are studded flats that I adore, but cannot wear them for fear of their maiming qualities. (cankle crashing again) So they are simply objects de art in my cupboard.

What about you? Do you have any clothes or accessories that cause you significant pain. Perhaps a busted spleen from aggressive spanx? A bra that does nothing but give you neck spasms?

Please share. I would really like to know!

*A cankle is what you get when your calf slides into your ankle with no definition from something called an ankle.