“I’m starting a wave…”

Last night we rugged ourselves up and headed into the night for we were off to see an ice hockey match. The concierge told us that a local match was on not far from the hotel, just a short cab ride away. We have made friends with another family staying here, who also came along.

Mr. Woog ate a, *ahem* bad prawn the night before so had opted out of the excursion.

So seven of us in total turned up at the Meadow Park Sports Centre to watch the Cobwebs play the Winter Eagles.

What we didn’t know was that we were to be the only spectators in the whole stadium and both of the teams, when they came out of the bunkers, did a double take as they skated out onto the ring. We decided to cheer for the Cobwebs, mainly due to the fact that we were sitting behind their bunker.

The play was fast and furious and the kids were going berserk and this berserkness was infectious as I started screaming like a banshee. The Cobwebs who were not playing, sat down below from us and would use their hockey sticks to bash the shit out of the side of the ring when there was a good play.

The Cobwebs Goalie was Magnificent! Talk about the reflexes of a cat! And by half time the score was one all. As the teams started to come off for their break, they began to remove their headgear and wouldn’t you know it? There wasn’t a player under the age of 50 on that field.

We had stumbled actress the Old Timers League.

With teams called Oldstout and Silvertips, we were very surprised to see that under all of that protective padding and armour, older men began to appear. They didn’t play like I thought older men would. They didn’t shoulder barge like I thought older men would. But they did cuss in the way I would have expected.

At half time, an old man meandered over to us and sat down. His name was Jeremy and he was a player from the Cobwebs team, but had quite a bad fall last week so was taking this game off. He was curious as to how they had manage to grow their fan base by 700% in one game, so we explained the randomness of the whole scenario, and he seemed satisfied with that.

When the break was over and the players came back onto the rink, Jeremy suggested we do a couple of Mexican Waves, to lift the spirit of the Cobwebs, and although I might be wrong here, I deep down suspect that it was this united show of supporter spirit that saw the Cobwebs take out the game by one goal.

The team was delighted and came over to thank us. Horatio was given the game puck and there was much cheering and merriment to be had. The Cobwebs went back to their dressing room to drink the national beverage of choice, that being Molson Premium Larger, and we headed back out into the night, full of team pride.

Thank you Cobwebs, for showing a couple of Aussie Families a very, very good time.

And so today I will be doing something called Snow Tubing over at Blackcomb, so tomorrow’s episode may or may not be coming at you live from Whistler General Hospital.

Have you ever seen an Ice Hockey Match?

Was there actual blood?