So it seems the big story of the day is about a young lady called Belle Gibson, who has made a career out of having cancer. She build up a huge social media following her diagnosis of brain cancer, and a fortune by selling books and developing an App called The Whole Pantry.

Belle claimed to have cured her cancer by meditation and eating kale, which in itself is a very dangerous message to share.

But here’s the thing. It was all made up. Read more here.

And since being found out, Belle Gibson has dissapeared. Deleted her social media accounts and GONE.

“…..and it was like she never existed…..”

My mum always told me that to be a good liar, you had to have a very good memory. And my mind is like a sieve. From little white lies to great big whoppers, over the years I have tried and failed to deliver nothing but the truth, so help me God!

Why, even  just now Mr. Woog has walked in and asked me if I had eaten that entire Toblerone, and the answer was a unequivocal YES! I didn’t even bother to hide the fact.

My friend The Divine Ms. M knows one line of Italian, which is non è possibile per quell modo, meaning “I’m sorry but it is not possible for me that way…” and that little line can get you out of trouble rather than resorting to fibs. Because fibbers are easily sprung.

Have you ever been in that situation where you have plans with someone, and they cancel, citing the plague, and then you see on Facebook that that they are actually skulling tequila shots at some fabulous looking party on a boat in the middle of Sydney Harbour?

It is not a nice feeling. SPANKYTOWN FOR EVIL LYING FRIEND!

When my kids lie to my face (and most kids do from time to time) I sit and look at them, and hear them out.

“So what you are saying is that neither of you didn’t ate that last mini-magnum from the freezer?”

And they would bare face lie to me! So much so that I send them to their room until someone confesses. Meantime Mr. Woog will come home from work and ask why the kids are in their room. I tell him about the lie and then he tells me that he ate it late last night. And then I feel like a right bitch.

Liars are not trustworthy people. Why, 63% of those surveyed in the most recent polling were dissatisfied with the performance of our Prime Minister and I believe that it is because of his tenacity to spin complete bullshit.

Sometimes telling the truth is hurtful, so it is here that we must learn the art of tact. But I think that is a lesson for another day, don’t you?

PS The lesson after that is entitled How to eat a whole Toblerone very quickly so you don’t have to share it.

Do you know someone who is a fantastic liar?

What is the secret, for sure as hell don’t ask me!

I just start smiling when I try to lie.