Should I buy a treadmill?

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There are many ways to spend ones days here in the village of Whistler of you are not a very good skier, i.e. me. Unfortunately most of them eating debaucherous things, (I am like PACMAN) yet ironically there are not very many large people around. Go figure?

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I take the boys to ski school, go for a little walk around for it is so so pretty. I am then chained to this desk with a view out to the mountains and tippity tap away at this tiny mac book air that is missing the letter M.

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My manuscript is due in August and this is the perfect time to get a big chunk of it done with no distractions, no chores or errands to do, nothing but to fresh mountain air which seems to have given me loads of inspiration.

And then after another bad food choice for lunch, I hit the hotel gym and sweat like a little piggy forĀ 60 45 30 minutes because the truth is that is all I can stand BUT IT IS SOMETHING HEY?

Today I was on the treadmill and this fresh, young couple jumped on the treadmills either side of me and agreed that they would run for 30 minutes, before sticking in their headphones and taking off at a cracking pace. It made me feel ashamed that I was just briskly walking at 3.3 miles per hour. So I pressed a random button which made it speed up so much that it darn spat me off the back of it like a sling shot.

Mr and Mrs Brisk 40 Minute run didn’t even realise that I was gone.

But right before this happened, I was starting to think that perhaps I should invest in a treadmill, after all it had been over 20 years since I owned a piece of fitness shit.

But everyone I have ever known that had invested in one eventually just used it as a very expensive clothes hanging device. Which brings me to the daily question…

Have you ever been sucked into the false sense of smugness by purchasing a large item of fitness equipment?

Did you ever use it? What was it?