Status Symbol

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A status symbol is an object of desire that defines ones social standing within a group. It is a showing of economic exuberance on a tangible scale.

When you are a kid, status symbols are oh so important. If you lived in a two story house, you were automatically declared rich beyond your wildest dreams. Ditto if you had a trampoline, you know, the proper ones that you got your skin caught in the rusty springs and broke your arm when someone double bounced you off the bloody thing.

When I was growing up, getting a new car was a very big deal in our neck of the woods and so then the Ezzy Twins announced  that their Dad was going to be picking up their new car that day, well there was quite the turnout on their front yard as the Sparkling Nissan Bluebird pulled into the drive. We were all allowed to sit in it and marvel at the new technology that that car featured, like the fancy lock and the cassette deck.

The Ezzy twins were proud of their car but later on that day, one of the twins and I had a disagreement about which way we should create a whirl pool in their above ground, round pool in their backyard. (Another status symbol) and I was told, in no uncertain terms, that I would never, ever be able to go in their car. EVER.

I was gutted.

Recently my phone plan was expired and I had the option of trading up to the iPhone 6 Plus which I did. To be honest, I am not completely sold on it yet, it is quite large and cumbersome. However, it has unwittingly turned me into somewhat of a superstar around these parts, with neighbourhood kids coming in and enquiring as to whether they might actually be able to look at the phone and hold it.

And unlike some, I am VERY generous with letting all of those kids look and touch and hold that phone.

Which proves my point that while life evolves at a cracking pace, some things never change.

Was there something you lusted after as a kid?