Wanna come on a holiday?

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Do you remember how shithouse December can be with so much stuff on, needing to be in 8 places at once and getting really stressed? Remember?

Last year I opted out of the insanity and took myself off to Bali with my friend Jo. Off like a brides nightie we were, and spent the days RELAXING, DETOXING followed by some RETOXING and generally wallowing in the sun, on a beach.

It was most excellent.

And even back then I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great to take some WoogsWorld Readers, a group of like-minded ladies who would share my passion for relaxing, massages, laughing, eating, dancing, a little bit of exploring but not too much but a little bit, on a holiday?

But then I thought about the organisation and how much of a pain in the ass it would be, and all the back and forth and as you know, I am not a tour guide. I could not organise a root in a brothel. I am lucky to locate and don pants most days.

There must be some person out there who could do such a task….

And there is! Her name is Lea and she runs a company called Hello Me!


‘Hello Me is about creating special experiences in special places so you can finally ‘breathe’, ‘be’ and ‘enjoy’ yourself. We carefully select each destination, we package boutique experiences and we are there to support you along the way.

All ‘Hello Me’ Packages are designed for both the solo traveller and for those who wish to travel with a friend or partner. Our aim is to have everyone feel comfortable and at ease on their new and exciting adventure.

Currently Lea, myself and my sister Mrs. Ryan (sidekick amigo lady who is very practical when it comes to big decisions, not like me who is all just like BRING THEE A DAIQUIRI) are pulling together some plans for a 5 day escape on the 30th November. You WILL need a passport.

This is something I have dreamt of doing and I am a bit excited that it is going to become a reality. Oh and yes. There will be dancing.

Register your interest by filling out this form.

Anyone keen?