Why Madeleine Albright is right.


Today the Westin Whistler is packed with…. DELEGATES! And no, not some hideously boring pharmaceutical sales convention full of middle-aged men who go by the name of Steve, or Bob. No sir-ee Bob.

It is packed with inspiring business women from around the globe who come together and have tough discussions, workshops, inspiring speakers, networking opportunities and well, according to their website, hold a global gathering of women, on the rise.

Probably a bit like Business Chicks in Australia.

I LOVE a good conference and mainly go to blogging and social media ones, where I sit eagerly, writing notes and leaving sessions all inspired and shit, but once I get home I do tend to forget my enthusiasm and watch Ellen, while everyone else around me develops e-products and e-courses and sells them and makes a fortune.

The line up of speakers here is very impressive and although I cannot get a ticket, I am quite tempted to go and find a Westin Whistler Employee’s outfit and sneak into the back of the room for this talk: “Navigating your greatest failures, fuck-up, and misfortunes” that Blo Dry Bar Founder Devon Brooks is delivering.


“Devon defined a new market category, co-founding Blo Blow Dry Bar in 2006. Born from a second year university project, the company spans four countries, with 42 locations, and has collaborated with international mega brands like Mattel, Guess and Gwenyth Paltrow. PROFIT Magazine, and MSN.com have named her 1 of the Top 30 entrepreneurs in Canada. She’s served up belly-laugh inducing, heart-pouring sermons on platforms like TedX, Pecha Kucha, Shaw TV and opened for Dragon Kevin O’leary. A diverse mentor and guide. She supports Women Against Violence Against Women (WAVAW) Rape Crisis Center, as strategic advisor; and has worked closely with futurpreneur.com (formerly CYBF) mentoring businesses across Canada.
Devon’s resolute disposition for leadership shows up in all facets of her life – She was assaulted in two unrelated incidents at 18 and then again at 21, right after launching Blo, and went through the ensuing judicial process that eventually led to a guilty plea by both men. She was later diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Depression. Thereafter, her devotion to mental wellness was ignited, inspiring and shape the way she loves, leads and lives.”

I know right! Pretty inspiring stuff. And the topic,“Navigating your greatest failures, fuck-up, and misfortunes” oh my dear readers, so much I could learn because I fuck up all the time. Big fuck ups, small ones and every size in between and mate, wouldn’t I LOVE to learn how to navigate them!

Recently one of my mentors, the fiercely brilliant Mrs. Donovan taught me a very good lesson. She was going through a work contract with me and she started writing down a list of things that we should object to.  It was a simple exercise but there she was, a retired former super-publisher taking time out to help me. There was nothing in it for her.

I think women, in general, are famous for dishing out great big mountains of shit to each other. And MAN IT IS GETTING BORING!

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 5.57.26 AM

Who the fuck cares?


Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 5.37.28 AM

You must be good, but not too good, But again, who the fuck cares?


And indeed, that is the case for a lot of high-profile women, but there is a growing breed of ladies who are reaching out to others, sharing their knowledge, building supportive communities and doing it either at a grand scale, such is the WNORTH Conference happening downstairs right now, through to the simple act of calling in to see a friend who is going through a rough time. We crave community and connection. It is simply the way we are put together.

I suppose what I am trying to say that smart, kind women who are generous with their knowledge and time, well you kind of rock my world. Thank you!

And now I am off to find a hotel uniform, in a size XL. Because Beaver Tails are not low-calorie and I have been putting them away at alarming speed.

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 5.42.38 AM

Beaver Tale

Who do you find inspiring?