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Mums Garden


In 1996, my mother caused localised outrage when she appeared on the front page of the local rag getting a mammogram. You see, she had made it her mission to try and lift the profile of the newly minted mobile breast-screening unit in her district, and to try and get as many women to have their free screening done.

Years and years before, she had nursed a breast cancer patient, a lovely English Lady who had two very small kids. She was at the end of her life and when Mum asked why she hadn’t done anything about her lump when she first found it, it was because they didn’t have enough money for the test.

So to say she was on a mission was putting it lightly.

My step dad, her husband, was the local solicitor and used to visit clients in the tiny township of St. Albans. It was on a trip with him that she met local lady Gertie Jurd who was in her 80’s. They quickly bonded and Mum would often then go down to St. Albans to have morning tea with Gertie and her gang of elderly friends. One day they got a chatting about this and that, and Mum told them that she had been working with Breast Screen NSW.

Mum asked for a show of hands of who actually, in that room, had had a mammogram.

Not one hand was raised.

So Mum did a deal with them. She would host a luncheon at her house, organise a bus to come and collect them and show them a wonderful day….IF they all agreed to go and get a mammogram at the Mobile Breast Screening Bus, which was situated near her place.

And that is how 9 ladies got their first mammograms! After the luncheon (a word that should immediately be bought back into fashion if you ask me) they all wandered around the Mum’s garden taking cuttings so they could take them back to St. Albans to plant. My Mum believes all gardens should grow and develop this way.

A few weeks later, two boxes of cuttings where left at her front door, a gift from her St. Albans girls.

A lovely story if ever I had heard one.

BUT LISTEN UP LADIES! I might not be appearing topless anytime of the front page of a paper near you, but I can nag you online to go and get your breast checked! As far as I can tell, you don’t have an excuse to get out of it.

• It takes 20 minutes.
• It is free.
• It gives you peace of mind.
• Screenings are available at 200 locations around NSW
• There are 42 Screening Centres
• Mobile Vans visit 160 locations

Breast cancer is the most common cancer that affects NSW women, with one in 8 of us developing it in our lifetime. Regular breast screening is important, as recovery rates are much higher when the cancer is caught early.

If you are over 50, please stop putting it off. Do it as a favour to me, and most importantly to yourself. You can click here  and find your nearest service, book online and you are good to go. Go with a friend and take yourselves for a luncheon afterwards, where you can toast your boobs with a nice cup of tea.

So be honest? Are you due for a Mammogram?