Friday Night

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Last night I was sorting out some laundry when I heard a small explosion coming from the kitchen. I raced in and didn’t see anything¬†wrong and it wasn’t until I opened my freezer to fetch me some ice that I discovered that the mini can of diet coke I had put there early in the day was not happy and made it known by spraying the entire inside of said freezer with its contents.

And so as I stood there with my hairdryer, I reflected on a time where my Friday nights were not spent de-frosting the freezer. Pre-grown up responsibilities, aka children, I would race home on a Friday night, make a few phone calls to rustle up a crowd before heading out into the night where inevitably, we would all drink too much, leading Saturdays to be a write-off as we ate hot chips and drank chocolate milk. But a more than a decade into this parenting gig, I have learnt that big nights out and child filled days are a recipe for disaster, so they are limited to a few a year,

I wondered whether I was the only one who had surrendered to the mundanity last night, so I asked my FB page. (You can join the conversation HERE)

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Anna spent Friday Night sorting socks

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Melissa sorted out her photos

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Robyn turned her living room into a Chinese laundry…

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While Carol preferred just to look at hers.

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All the while Daniella ate some cheese.

Sometimes I think back the the wild and heady days of Friday Nights out and I smile. I mean the Karaoke dreams have since been smashed, and dancing with sleazy dorks on the dance-floor while they tried to feel you up, well¬†we could have done without that. But I don’t think anything will top blowdrying my freezer for a while.

As for tonight? Brace yourself people!

I am going to wash my hair.

When you think of Friday Nights, what thought first comes to mind?