“Keep walking you fat mole”

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So one of the things that I am trying to be consistant with is eating carbs. I find this very easy. To counteract the carbs, I am also trying to exercise for at least 20 minutes a day as I continue to try and discover the much discussed, but yet still missing endorphins that do along with such activity. Apparently.

I donned my Lorna Jane Pants of Power (in bright fluro orange because I like subtlety) grabbed the Woogettes and off we went. A mate of mine Tori, suggested I download this AP called Couch to 5K’s which is supposed to turn you into a long distance runner without you even realising it. So I delivered the kids to their tennis lesson and turned it on. A lady told me to walk briskly and after 5 minutes, she told me to jog for one whole minute. ONE WHOLE MINUTE.

So I told her to fuck off and turned off the phone. That wasn’t a glorious success. But the sun was shining and the birds were singing so I took to the streets in my pants of power and walked and walked and walked until I resembled a beetroot. A sweaty beetroot encased in lycra. I must have been a sight for sore eyes, because as I stopped at the lights to cross a main road when a car with P plates went by.

“Keep walking you fat mole!” the teenaged boys yelled at me.

I felt like yelling back “I used to be heaps fatter! I AM TRYING NOT TO BE A FAT MOLE!” But I was speechless. Cars of teenagers are scary if you ask me. It reminded me of the time I was walking in Centennial Park with my friend Sawhole and a car went passed and screamed out.. “LESBIANS!”. That just made me feel sorry for Sawhole, as she could indeed do a lot better than me.

What makes people think that it is fine to scream rude things from cars? I mean, wouldn’t it have been nice if those teenagers had yelled “Keep up the good work!” I would have waved cheerily and it would have been motivating. I would have felt good about wobbling around the suburb, nodding and greeting other people with kind gestures. But I shrugged my shoulders and took some comfort that they will probably all get male patterned baldness in their early twenties, and kept on shuffling.

Later that afternoon, I returned to my happy place. My couch. But I will do it all again. Tomorrow.

Has anyone ever yelled at you from a car?

What did they say?

  • Shazziebazzie

    Oh yes male pattern baldness, bad breath and premature ejaculation. It’s all ahead of you lads! Enjoy!

    No abuse from a car however a 3 year old followed be down the supermarket aisle saying BIG BUTT BIG BUTT BIG BUTT.

  • Cranky walker

    Seriously …… Next time, I implore you to use the foulest tirade ever heard from the lips of a lady – and conclude with fuck off you slack jawed cunts! Works for me and releases all the endorphins I ever need!

  • Tracey

    I think the old classic, “I may be fat but I can diet. You’ll always be ugly” is an appropriate response here. But let’s face it, we’re all just going to walk away without saying anything. I am mildly jealous of your pants of power.

  • Donna

    You wouldn’t trust a teenager to give you financial (or other important stuff) advice so don’t listen when they’re insulting.

    Their heads truly are in their arses.

    And one day those arses may be a lot bigger than they planned. So have a secret smile at that.

  • People are just arseholes…seriously! One of the things that was drummed into me as a kid was, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” What the hell happened to that?? I see SO many rude people these days, saying stuff that should never be uttered. And, quite apart from anything else, what business of those nasty little teenagers is it anyway?? Ignorant little sods. Just last week a good friend of mine was abused in a supermarket by a stranger. She’s got mixed connective tissue disease, was a week out of hospital from surgery, in a lot of pain and needed a few things and was using a trolley cos she couldn’t manage to carry them and needed the support of the trolley. Turned into the 12 items or less queue, and was abused by a woman behind her for being there – it was pretty ugly. Another WTH moment for me…
    Sometimes, I think becoming a hermit on an island could have its merits!

  • Lisa Warren

    One fine day I was going for a walk up to Spotlight during my lunch break, when one charming person yelled directly into my face “WHOSE BEEN EATING ALL THE PIES THEN?!!”. People are arseholes. Still upsets me to this day.

  • Jules

    Oh darl, that’s just awful. Little fuckers.
    That fat comment was out of line.
    And sweetheart they were not calling you a near blind, fury little night time dwelling creature, they were calling you what we call each other… a MOLL.
    Love ya – ya MOLL xxx

    • Jules

      Woogie, I feel that this comment, whilst totally in jest, may come across as mean. It wasn’t meant that way at all. Sure, you are my moll, and I adore you. But I shouldn’t have teased you. Sorry. Now, lets go on a walk of power together, chase the little shitheads down and throw dog poo at their car if we see them again. Ok?

  • Telisha Jane

    Utterly appalling! I will happily walk with you and be your body guard armed with eggs haha

  • Male Pattern Baldness! GOLD x

  • I was much the same with the couch to 5k program. Good on you for getting out and exercising. Walking is pretty good exercise if you ask me.

    I tend to wear camo gear when I’m out walking these days, hoping no one will actually see me. I’m still recovering from the online attack due to my lack of a thigh gap and not sure how I would react to a car full of teens throwing abuse my way.

    • Your online attack due to your lack of thigh gap? Did i read that correctly?

      • Yes sadly that is correct. I spent an entire weekend deleting comments (over 300) and thinking about giving up blogging altogether. Apparently my thigh gap post was shared on a male advocate email and they came out in droves to tell me that I needed to move away from the all you can eat buffet and I would be better off… well none of that needs to be re-aired. I’m normally a bring it on kind of gal but who needs to see that, not my three teen girls or anyone else feeling vulnerable when it comes to weight.

        • That is horrendous. Keep writing please xx

        • bloody hell! I never had even heard of a thigh gap until recently, nor have I ever had one… these people need to take a look at themselves…

      • Kelly Scarlett B


  • Champagne Gillian

    That is so frikking revolting. Stupid idiots. One day my sister and I were walking down the path to the beach at Stradbroke Island. My sister was wearing a red beach dress (let me emphasise it was a BEACH dress). A bunch of teenagers drove past and yelled out “as if you’d wear a dress to the beach”. Morons – it was a BEACH dress! We made up an awesome song about it.

  • Kelly Scarlett B

    MRS WOOG … Here you go. Keep up the good work. <3

  • Janina Lear

    Aghhh!!! teenagers are super scary on mass. They shrivel my confidence up in a micro second except the one time I group of them were laughing at my whippet and being rude in front of my kids.

    I have recently lost 22 kilos so I am with you in wanting to yell out “I used to be fatter you morons” but that only comes after the shock of such rudeness.

    Ignore them and know you are on your way to rocking it.

  • tori

    was it wrong that I laughed ??? I was once in the very small town from which i derived – walking along the street with my mother – and someone yelled out lesbians from a car !! I didnt even know what a lesbian was !! (I have it all sussed now). keep going with the app – it gets easier

  • That’s awful! I would have yelled back and given them my best profanity filled rebuttal. Coz I’m classy like that.

  • People think cyber bullying is new…it’s not, its just the same thing as screaming abuse from a moving car, I’m sure they did the same thing on horseback. No accountability, no need to think of the other person as a human or a friend….a bet their mums would be so proud. And as I don’t have to look at those horrible teens face to face I can call them little nasty stinkers!

  • Belinda

    Perfect time to give them the birdie!!

  • Mel Mcd

    I’m with you, love to be subtle while working out (check out Nike’s Epic Lux tight….. So pretty) and run quite a bit. The most common (and original) is “Run Forrest Run” or “Run Fatty Run”. Its nice…. Thank you for the male pattern baldness visual though. Love it

  • Tanya

    I had some drunk revolting teenagers give me a mouthful about how fat and ugly I was – I was initially gobsmacked – then channelled my darling husband and told those scrawny little effing c’s to come back here and tell me exactly what they said to my effing face. I had my crazy eyes on. Needless to say I scared the living shit out of them, my friends and myself! It was very empowering to yell the c word in public. Not my normal style at all.

  • Kel

    Dear Mrs Woog, I once had two kids follow me through spotlight and wait til I was at the end of one aisle, and they were at the other, and they said very clearly “She looks like she’s pregnant”. I’m not, nor was I. The thing is I decided enough was enough and I followed them back to their parents and explained what had happened. They asked their kids if it was true and their shocked faces nodded in the affirmative. I then went on to explain what polycystic ovaries are, and how they affect metabolism and fertility and so on. The parents said that their kids were just bored and I explained the difference between bored kids and disrespectful kids. Then I went home and cried.

  • Karen

    Sadly as a Sydney cyclist I get yelled at all the time, and I don’t even wear orange lycra. Teenagers with P plates and grown men in utes/work vans are the worst offenders. Often it is not words, just a long, aggressive scream which, I can tell you, is very off putting when it goes past you at 60km/hour less than a metre from your ear.

    I have had one man yell at me to move my fat arse out of the way. We were all stuck at the lights and everyone in the surrounding cars just stared at me as he hurled abuse. He then used his 4wd to force me into the path of the oncoming traffic when the lights went green. I waited till I got to the office and then had a good cry. The irony was that while I freely admit that I do have a fat arse his was significantly fatter.

    • Karen

      P.S. I have also attempted couch to 5K and will never forget the lady of advanced years who I crossed paths with one day who called out, “Don’t stop you are doing so well!” Still makes me smile.

  • TeganMC

    I recently had a woman call me a piece of shit mother before threatening me while I was sitting at a bus stop. All because I grabbed my son by the arm as he tried to run on the road. She also added in the lovely sentiment of hoping that someone would take my son away. This last statement gave my son nightmares.

  • Oh man. Some people are assholes. I am of the plumper lady variety and I find exercising intimidating enough without the added threat of douche bags yelling crap.

  • Nic

    I recently read on ‘Running Mums’ post where a teenage boy hurled less than encouraging words to a runner. His mum promptly pulled up the van and made him run 5 blocks with the female runner while she drove beside them. Karma gives a kick every now and then, OR good parenting! As the parent of 2 (about to be teenage boys) I am not throwing stones, but am hopeful!

    • What a woman! Love it

    • ET

      YES! good on her!

  • Katy Wilson

    When I was about 16 or 17 I was out walking in my quiet northern Sydney suburb when a car load of teenagers drove past about 3 times chanting “we’re gunna rape you”. Imagine what kind of men they grew up to be. It was terrifying and I was about 3 km from home.

    • Oh god. How revolting.

    • bloody hell, that’s terrifying

    • Sam

      That is absolutely awful, disgusting behaviour!

  • I am so sorry and sad and angry that happened. I really truly am.
    And I think you rock for exercising. I keep meaning to try it.

  • Anita

    I get told I’m lucky my husband stays with me, considering the way I look

  • Emma

    Those little shits! I hope you used your middle finger.

  • AlexT

    Keep at it Mrs Woog and do not give those little shitbags any more thought. Any type of exercise makes you feel fantastic, gets you out of the house and gives you a feeling of accomplishment. It’s a “win win!” as they say (whomever “they” may be) xx

  • I still find it completely mind blowing that some guys genuinely believe wolf whistling or the timeless catch-cry of “SHOW US YOUR TITS!” will actually work. Keep dreaming, toolburgers.

    • smittenkitten

      Try screaming back “show us your dick!” That will shut them and at worst, if they do show you their penis you can have a good laugh.

      • yes I can imagine ‘is that all?!’ would silence them considerably

        • Sam

          One day when out walking I strolled past a man talking on the phone in a public phone box (which shows how long ago it was!). Just as a pass him, he yells out exactly that – ‘show us your tits!’ – and so I stop, double back, stand in front of him and say ‘excuse me?’. He cowered; he had nothing and was nothing.

  • Vicki Lee

    When beginning my weight loss journey I had a car full of teenage boys oink at me yelling “keep walking fat pig” ….totally inspired me to keep walking but hurt a lot!

  • Zoe

    That is awful. Some teenage boys once yelled out something about my fat arse as I was walking home from a really bad day at work, teaching teenage boys. I almost cried and then thought better of it, rolled my eyes deeply and moved on. What is it about teenagers, they’re seriously devils!

    • Zoe

      I should add, they can also be quite lovely. I am a high school teacher after all… Just get them alone, in packs they still terrify me

  • cilla

    They have small willies, live with their mums, and can’t get a root.
    Just remember that.

  • Those bastards, I wish them a horrible venereal disease. Fight back with awesome Mrs Woog. x

  • Hollz

    I have never had anything yelled out to me from a car. However I have yelled out to a group of firemen when I was 17 to “come on baby light my fire” from a car. They loved it and my mate ended up dating one of them for years.

  • The little shits need a kick up the bum. A hard kick.

  • I would have wiggled my little finger at them…. if it is indeed that big!! Keep up the good work Mrs Woog!

  • Et

    I employ the wave and smile method. They don’t have any comebacks for that and seeing them wondering makes me feel better.

    • merliyn

      I like that! m:)X

    • Louise

      I employ smile and wave for many scenarios. This would be one of them. Never give in to their trolling ways.

  • merliyn

    keep up the good work mrs woog!
    they are a h’s!
    they need to get a life!
    love your sense of humour and the way you write it out of yourself hun! love m:)X

  • Jen I

    Yes! I was gripping the fence along the side of our block while my daughter was unicycling up and down. She had convinced me that learning to ride a unicycle would be a really cool mother-daughter thing. A P-plated ute with two young males in it drove past and they yelled, “Give up now lady!”. To which I yelled back “F*** Off” and gave them the finger. My daughter re-tells this story often because it is so amazing to her that not only did I know that word but I knew the gesture to go with it. If only I’d had my glasses on to get their number plate so I could track them down and let down three of their tyres to see how they get along with only one wheel. I do believe that these P-platers also have small willies, and live with their Mums, but are unlikely to get venereal disease unless they pay for it.

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I would have cried I think,little fuckers,karma will get the bastards of that I’m sure Mrs Woog,I think your doing awesome,continue wearing your pants of power Xx

  • Alana House

    Someone yelled “Lezzos!” at my sister and I once, and I was about to yell back “Sisters!” until I realised that probably didn’t clarify anything for the stupid, ignorant fools. I think it was because we both had short hair … for fark’s sake.

  • That sort of stuff always upsets me – even though I know they’re dickheads. But – you’re so right… at least you’re out there. (Unlike some of us… *mumbling*)

  • What a pack of tossers!

  • Bastards and wankers they are, if I was quick enough which I wouldn’t have been I would have smiled and waved. Confusion is good x

  • Their parents would be so proud. GRRRRRR. Keep pulling on those pants of power x

  • Clearly they were jealous of your pants of power. But they’re still tools. Bring on Baldy Town!

  • Teenagers? Who ever listened to teenagers? It’s why they are paid crap wages, can’t vote and not allowed entry to decent clubs and pubs…because youth is wasted on the young.

  • Haven Maven

    Asshats. I’d have mooned them.

  • This reminded me back to my apprentice days when I went to Tafe with teenage boys. They only called me peaches thank goodness. Keep up the good work. Xx

  • Annabel

    Walking in Amsterdam, wearing a Drizabone (I think my parents thought it would keep me ‘safe’) and a bloke yelled out.. ‘Where’s your horse?”…. Keep walking… I did, even without my horse.

  • Maggie

    Maybe try wearing your sequinned, disco track pants instead of the lycra. Then the dickheads in the car will be speechless! Alternatively, turn up your iPod so you can’t hear the little shits.

  • Not yelled from a car but a snotty kid on the counter of a cafe asked me if I wanted to use my senior card… Nearly climbed over the bar and smacked him in the head.
    Little fucker!

  • Jennifer

    Best post ever. I am laughing so hard. I am sorry for those nasty, nasty individuals, and what they said but look what they’ve done for your post and in turn, my day! Brilliant. Never give up the carbs. Carbs are at the base of the food pyramid for a reason.

  • You are looking SO THIN these days. Seriously like a stomach flu away from Calista Flockhart. Your life is fabulous, those lsoers will be living with their parents forever and will be completely unemployable because of Jerkness. You rock. They make one solid point though… you are a mole. x

  • Karma is a mole and it will find those turds and deal with them. Keep on keeping on Mrs W. XX

  • BK

    If you can fit into Lorna Jane’s you can’t be that fat! And yes, cars of teens can be frightening.

  • Leah

    Haters gonna hate

  • Susie

    I had “that is one fat bitch!” repeatedly said by a group of teens as I was walking past, if I hadn’t already lost 12 kilos in 8weeks I think it would have crushed me, but like you I wanted to yell at them and say you should have seen me before. Why is it that stating that some one is fat to be derogatory towards them is not seen as being unacceptable in this society. Seriously fat people do not need to be told they are fat, we know it already! We don’t need to be told it like we weren’t aware of it.

  • AquariusMoon

    It’s great that you’re trying to get healthy. Keep it up! Ignore the unpleasant remarks and don’t let them discourage you from your goal. Wishing you all the best! : )

  • Geez people are arsehats sometimes.You need to move up my way, I own a gazillion teenagers that would yell out the window “GO YOU GOOD THING!!!”. Dead set, they’re pretty awesome like that – to the point they tell me I look good in my running gear.

    Keep moving Mrs. You are all of the awesome xo

  • Vanessa

    I was out power walking once and a car load of teenage boys drove by and yelled “lose some weight you fat slut” I had to laugh. Fat mole or cow I would expect from simple minded morons like this, but slut? When I was wearing trackies & a hoodie – no idea where that came from LOL.

  • Victoria

    Rude fucking little arsholes..I also believe in Karma.

  • I was jogging over the harbour bridge once and these guys threw a peach stone at me and it hit me in the shoulder. The threw it hard and it fricken hurt a lot! it was lucky it didn’t hit me in the face. my blood was boiling to be honest…..

  • Jennifer De Lacy

    One of the funniest things i ever heard was a mate yelling out to a guy he thought was a mate “lift your elbows you fat c#$t!!!” as the guy jogged past, only to realise it was a complete stranger. Omg i have never laughed as hard and held my pelvic floor so determinedly…

    • probably wasn’t funny to the stranger—

      • Jennifer De Lacy

        ah – well in true bloke insult style the guy wasn’t actually fat anyway, and he just kept on running and my friend was really embarrassed – that was the funny part mscate – don’t take it all too seriously

        • oh totally, far comment 🙂

  • I used to get fat slut a lot when walking or riding down the Sydney road (the Coburg end) when I lived in Melbourne . It’s almost a compliment of my sexual prowess, don’t you think? Of course a car load of men is too fast for a response, but I went home in tears at times. Don’t these men have sisters or mothers? Shame on them! (yes, I know I sound like a wimp but the misogyny is what made me so angry). Now i live in Germany my deutsch is not good enough to translate the insults so I remain blissfully ignorant.

  • FunMumX3

    I’m so sorry that this happened to you Mrs Woog! You GO GIRL and keep walking… will add years to your life!

    Worst incident I heard of was not hurling words but hurling beer bottles… Here in SW Ontario we have some Mennonite Communities who live a traditional lifestyle, horse and buggy etc and opt out of our public health care system (they don’t pay in to it with taxes, but pay cash for health care when needed – fair enough, right?). Well, one evening, family was out in horse and buggy and teenagers went by in fast car, hurled beer bottles at family and young girl’s face was torn to shreds by glass. Horrendous. But guess what, when the story got out, the public donated so much money to pay for health care and surgery for the girl. Was quite heartwarming and proof that for every asshole there are many many non-assholes who care.

    I hope those boys grow up and get some common sense… most of the do!

  • ellesee64

    My mum and her 2 friends (who were all mid 70’s at the time) were out walking one day when a couple of lads in a passing car yelled out “SLUTS!!”. Mum couldn’t stop laughing fortunately.

  • Teenage boys don’t have much going on in their brains and only cowards (and not particularly original ones) scream things out from moving cars. Male pattern baldness is the least of their worries. You keep those pants of power shuffling and making you feel good.

  • Alicia-OneMotherHen

    I hope you get to see Karma work it’s magic on those little shits! How rude.

  • When I was in my twenties a car full of young boys went by. I was walking by myself and they yelled out, “Bend over and show us your pink bits!” I of course did not! Why would you do this to a whole car of boys and strangers as well. Why would you say this to complete strangers? I wondered… Has this worked before and it is just a numbers game. Will they say it 20 times and then for the 21st girl it works on?

    I do agree yelling more inspirational things from the car would have been nicer. Well done for you going for a walk. I love the thought of the boys going bald. Don’t worry Karma will catch up with them. (At Least I hope so) Maybe they might have the same thing yelled from a car to them? I’m sure they would not be backwards with being offered to show their bits if offered!

  • sammy

    My step son and his mates used to bark at girls as they drove past. But knowing what a useless person he turned out to be, I’m sure all the girls he insulted would be laughing at him now.

  • Teenage boys yelling from the safety of their cars feel they are entitled because this world favours their sex. Which really needs to change sometime soon or my blood pressure will pay the price. The best things you can do are to keep walking in your divine Pants of Power and talk to your boys about how it’s not OK to yell insults (or perverted comments) at people (particularly women) from cars. No matter what their mates say.

  • Shell

    THANK YOU for writing this. I cant go outside any more, as I can no longer tollerate the name calling or items thrown at me. I have had full and empty beer bottles thrown, bottles of soft drink still containing drink to splat all over me, and words that should never have been invented spat at me with such venom.
    I hope you stay braver than me, and I wish you the best of luck in all your endevours.

    • MadamBipolar


  • Jacqui

    A positive? At least you have a funny story to tell out of it….

  • Oh you are hilarious! Way to have a sense of humour about it. Cant’t wait until all those teenagers are middle aged men and feeling so sorry for their fat asses, as they shove maccas into their massive gobs. I was walking with my baby (he was a baby then), and had a very aucka bogan on a bike yell out “OI! Are you a yummy mummy? ‘Cause you should be!” No his bike wasn’t motorised. Honestly, I didn’t know whether to be in fear for my girly bits or feel flattered, after all, I had just had a baby. The only thing tight on me was my Lorna Jane pants!

    • Sharing on my page this evening BTW 🙂

      • OMG- just remembered that time teenage boys hit me so hard with water balloons as I was doing a workout walk. ARGH. Evil.

  • Sam

    A married (heterosexual) couple I know one day decide to go for a walk and decide to hold hands while doing so.

    As a bit of background, they look alike in that they’re of a similar height to each other – he’s ‘short’ while she’s ‘average’ – and, because it is cold and they are rugged up, they have a similar silhouette to one another. They look like differing sexes in that he has a shiny, bald noggin and facial hair while she has lovely locks on her head and none on her face.

    Anyway, a car drives past and one of the young, male occupants screams ‘LESBIANS!’ out the window.

    This couple look around in confusion, until they realise THEY are the lesbians, being the only people in eyesight.

    • Sarah Stokely

      Hi Sam, my male then-husband and I had a similar experience once! Both rugged up in coats against the cold (I’m tall and round, he was similarly built) standing at a bus stop, a carload of young guys drove by and yelled “faggots!” at us. Sigh.

  • MadamBipolar

    “Look at the tits on that”, so I marched up to the Volvo and screamed at the private school boys.
    A male friend later told me I overreacted.

  • Not like that. When I was young and fitter they would ask me to get my tits out and tell me they would like to procreate with me but via another orifice. But I have heard of people who have been valiantly losing weight and been yelled the same abuse. Maybe by the same carload of teens. It shits me. If it helps, I was in an exercise class the other day and was asked by a fellow class member when I was expecting my baby. I’m not pregnant.

  • Terrible experience for you but glad you’re not letting it stop you. Love the humour in the pot

  • Nik

    Teenagers are douche bags with no empathy. End of story

  • SmittenKitten

    I was once riding my scooter down Gympie Road (busy multi-lane road in Brisbane) during peak hour when a car full of teens pulled up beside me to tell me how fat I was and to take pictures of me with their phones. So because I am rational I caught up to them at the lights, stopped in front of their car, got off my scooter and berated them whilst I stopped 3 lanes of traffic, 1 I blocked the other 2 didn’t want to miss the show. By the time I finished the male driver was crying. I particularly liked the passenger saying “He’s sorry miss! We’re all sorry!”.

    I should have left it there but then a lovely, very large man that I chatted to on our daily commute pulled up on his Harley and asked what was wrong. So I told him, this car of teens like to call people fat from their cars. He suggested I go home, which I did. I have no idea what he said to them but I’d like to think they stopped yelling things from their cars.

  • Ugh. People.

    When I was about ten-years-old I was walking our dog when a car full of teens went past and yelled out “Which one is the dog.”

    Those fucking arseholes. I’m nearly 40 and I still remember that shit feeling.

    “Dear ten-year-old Rebel, they were the dogs, not you, sweetheart.”

  • Many years ago, a friend and I were walking back to the car after going to the movies… we were having a pleasant time until we were propositioned with, “Show us where ya piss from!” Such class boys. Definitely a step down from the old, “Show us ya tits!”

  • you say tomato I say tomato

    I was at a fortieth party last weekend, a young twenty year old decided he would grace me with his amusing presence…”I hear you are a fat bitch”. Being neither fat-ish or bitchy…just a squishy 40 yr old, and forthcoming against arsehole behaviour I told him to feck off outside his mammy was waiting to take him home. And he was offended. When did it become OK for the male youth of today think it was OK to approach us in this manner? What a turd!

    • If that was my son… No words cx

  • I was pushing the pram and a carload drove past and one yelled ‘show us your tits’. They of course, had to stop at the lights and when I caught up I calmly asked him if he’d been touched inappropriately as a child because what else would make him think it was okay to talk to a woman like that in front of a child. He looked like I’d slapped him. Maybe I had. Jerk.

  • I posted about this on my FB page last week… Walking home from work on Saturday a P plater lowered white ute male drove past and yelled “Hey Cookie! Suck my dick?”. One: what the? Cookie? Am I so old now I don’t know what this stands for? Two: ewww dear P plater I am at leat three times your age. Three: really? Just really who in your right mind thinks a female is going to chase after your ute and say “oh, yes please, that sounds like a great offer. Four: and four is the big one. In what world were you raised to think that it is okay to yell that out to a female? Any female? Would you say that to your Mum. What would your Mum think if she knew you were doing this?

  • the first year I attended problogger, I was walking along the street. Some teeny twenty somethings in string bikini’s walked past and made an oompa-loompa sound. Arseholes, I promptly wished a bigger arse than mine for them all. All three of them. Karma. It will come.

  • ymiam

    Oh s***! A mole bit me!
    And I think that your mum should live in a cage with a mole and that they should mate and make mole-human hybrids.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, well I have been bullied recently at school, by a mole I am very sad, please help, it bit me and ate my left thumb.


      And to YMIAM:
      Fuck yeah the best, go and get into a competition! That is great, and report me means I hack you.


      • FTP

        Fuck the police

  • Kathy R

    A group of young delinquents (ha ha) drove past and called out to me, “hey a tennis ball on legs!!” I was devastated. And this was 28 years ago

    • What losers. Bet they still live with their mothers x

  • madethatway

    Your sense of humour cracked me right up – so glad you didn’t let the little turd burger get you down.

    Here’s one of my dad’s favourite ‘curses’ that I’ve enjoyed many times through some of life’s shitty moments – I find it carries a weighty sense of satisfaction – and it went something like this:

    “May your armpits be infested by the fleas of a thousand camels and may all your pubic hair turn into fish hooks”.

    Enjoy, sistas 😉

  • I was riding my bike to work in the early dark hours and a carload of dickheads threw a bunch of eggs at me. Why did they even have eggs? Were they on their way to an early breakfast fry up? Still, it beats the time I – also while riding my bike – got shat on by a bat. I didn’t take that one personally though.

  • Caroline Specker

    Mum was walking her dog once when some hoons drove by and yelled “which one’s the dog!”
    She actually thought it was pretty funny.