New Old-Fashioned Parenting

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On the weekend I read an article by Liat Hughes Josie about how we need to look back on how we were actually brought up, and implement some of those tactics now, in regards to the way we raise out kids.

It was perfect timing as my sons were tipping me over the edge, such was their feral-ness which comes from being overtired at the end of the term, and far too busy to boot.

Yes, I had over-programmed the Woogettes. And when they were not doing tennis, rugby and ballet, they had there noses stuck so far into an iPad that you could see the indent of their nostrils. They had become addicted to the internet, and yes, I know…. I write on the internet for a living, but they were watching complete crap, and the tv was not much better. I walked past them one day and saw that they were glued to a show called Dance Moms, in which a group of grown up ladies were fighting hammer and tong about their little girls dancing.

What the fuck?

I think I could actually begin to smell their brains rotting. (That show is now banned along with the WWE and they are only allowed one hour a day SCREEN TIME)

I know I am not the only Mum out there who is sick to death of negotiating everything with their offspring, but really the buck stops with me.

“Watch out for the “easier life pitfall” – it’s simpler to say yes or ignore bad behaviour in the short-term but stores up trouble for later on.”

Right on Liat! I should go to jail for years, I am so guilty of this.

When we were young, we would not have DARED to question the authorities for fear that the Board of Education would be fetched from the top of the fridge and used with force. We were allowed to watch one hour of television a week, which was on a Sunday Night and it was to be The Wonderful World of Disney. Sometimes in the afternoon if we got home before Mum, we would sneak it on and put one of the younger siblings on car watch. “She’s here!” they would scream and we would turn off that tiny television and scatter.

“I’m bored…” we would say, so Mum would make us pull all of the linen out of the cupboard and sort it out, and other such mundane tasks. We quickly learnt not to be so bored, but if we happened to be bored, we kept out big fat mouths shut.

We had an ice cream for a treat every Friday night. FOR A TREAT. Punishments were carried out, never threatened, but just carried out. I remember once being devastated that I was not allowed to go to the local show one year because I had been an asshole to my sister. I was devastated. I loathed my mother at that point, with every fibre of my being. But she didn’t care. I did the wrong thing, I got punished for it and hopefully I learnt my lesson.

Sometimes I will watch a child interacting with their parent. The kid is chucking a mental because she wants a Slushie but the Mum doesn’t want her to have a slushie but the kid goes off her tree until the Mum finally gives in and buys her one, and I just want to scream…..

Mums and Dad’s are supposed to fuck you upIt has been going on for hundreds of years. But over to you….

Do you think we are raising a generation of assholes?