On your doorstep.

A few weeks ago I was at The Forum in St. Leonards when I noticed a group of teenagers hanging out. No biggie. Teenagers have been hanging out at railway stations since time began. But this group were different.

They were all off their face on ice.

If you have ever seen someone who is under the effect of ice, you can quickly recognise an ice addict when you see one.

On Saturday night, my sister Mrs. Ryan was preparing to go to bed when she heard a noise at the front door. She found a man standing there with a wheelie bin. When she asked who he was, he told her his name was Bin Laden. He was clearly suffering the effects of ice and refused to leave her property despite repeated requests, photographing him and calling the police, who never came.

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It was only after Mr. Ryan put himself in danger that he retreated across the road where he stood and stared at the house. The next morning Mrs. Ryan went down to the police station to make a complaint. This character is well known to the police, yet they insisted that there was nothing that they could do.

So is this where we are with this revolting epidemic? Can nothing be done? Really?

An estimated 400,000 Australians are now using ice, with the number growing rapidly. There are reports of 8 year olds smoking ice in country towns such as Walgett. Even the Prime Minister has addressed the issue, saying “This is a drug epidemic way beyond anything that we have seen before,”

And it was when my own 9 year old son recently scooped up some ice from and ice bucket and asked me “Is this the bad ice, or the good ice?” that I felt real fear about it.

Talk to your kids. Talk to them about ice and the harm that it does. And while some say that there is nothing that can be done, you can damn well try to keep it from your own doorsteps.

Are you worried about this epidemic?

Do you know an addict?