Taking Stock – April

Once again I am blatantly ripping off my friend Pip from Meet Me At Mikes and her Taking Stock Posts.  I do this on occasion to slow my tiny brain down and have a really good, hard look at things around me.


Making : Terrible nutritional choices over Easter

Cooking : What is this cooking that you speak of?

Drinking : Smacking back a diet coke

Reading: A naff inspirational quote on the wall in front of my computer that tells me DO WHAT YOU LOVE EVERYDAY. It is stick on with that double-sided tape that will leave marks if I try to pry it off the wall.

Wanting: A cheeseburger.  A super hot one.

Looking: Like I got dressed in the dark.

Playing: A lot of Slam Uno which is not good for my anxiety as I am not one for surprises.

Wasting: away…. I WISH! Fat as a pig.

Sewing: The only way I know how…

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 12.20.14 pm
Wishing: My sister Jessica a very happy 30th today. I will now forgive her for not knowing who Michael Hutchence was.

Enjoying: The fact that my mother-in-law, The Original Mrs. Woog has taken the lads to the flicks.

Waiting: To see what Tim Bailey will come back to Clementine Ford with following this tweet…

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 12.25.54 pm

Liking: Clementine Ford

Wondering: Why men like telling ladies to show some class. It is very, very patronising. Stop it.

Loving: The fact that Mrs. Goodman is coming off the back of an Easter Long Weekend of entertaining everyone and has dropping around a batch of her famous Chicken Noodle Soup, but this one has matzo balls in it!

Hoping: That she will bring around some more.

Marvelling: At the fact that I don’t have to make lunches or get up as the sparrow farts because of school holidays. Mind you having said that, this daylight saving bullshit if totally fucking with my circadian rhythms.

Needing: Someone to come and beat me with a red-hot poker while yelling ‘WRITE 3000 WORDS A DAY OR YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO GIVE BACK YOUR BOOK ADVANCE, YOU LAZY MORON.”

Smelling: The inside of my nostrils. There is no smell.

Wearing: Ugg boots, a soft leopard print pant, a black t-shirt that has shrunk up a bit to expose a bit of my guts and a green cardi. It is not my best look.

Following: My instincts when it comes to the fact that I should not go blonde.

Noticing: A shift in the seasons. Hence cardi and ugg boot outfit.

Feeling: A bit sad because we put Jabba the Hut on the market and some asshole bought it.

Knowing: That it was the right thing to do but still sad.

Thinking: Of all the new adventures we have lined up.

Feeling: Sad for my sister Mrs. Ryan because she is doing a reno, and she is working from home today because she smashed the car up and it is in the repairers, and the neighbour just came over to her place and served her up a mouthful and called the police!

Bookmarking: The best Instagram Account known to the human race – TEXTS FROM YOUR EX

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 12.43.11 pm

Opening: The fridge door to discover that apart from the soup, there is no food.

So over to you! What are you….