The Divisive Pant

Never before has a topic divided the WoogsWorld Facebook community quite like this one.

I was shopping with a couple of mates yesterday when we came across the Charlie Brown Sale rack. You see, I am a great CB fan as her clothes go up to a size 16 (fist bump) are well made (high-five) but are pricey (sad face). But when you come across the sale rack with 50% off, you would be unwise to pass on by.

I flicked through the rack and selected a few things to try on, as did my mates. We went into the large changing room and proceeded to nude up, frock up and give inexpert advice with regarding the garments.

I had picked up a pair of sequinned tracksuit pants because I am drawn to anything shiny, much like a bower bird is. I looked at them in the changeroom and announced that I didn’t think that I would bother trying them on. There was much protesting and nagging, so I caved to peer pressure.

And then Mrs Goodman said my trigger word.

“They are fabulous!”

That word made to stare at a random spot on the wall, as her FABULOUS rang though my head and echoed… fabulous…fabulous…fabulous…..

“They ARE fabulous!” I squealed with glee, before taking them to the counter, where a very excited sales assistant called Mina got swept up in the excitement and gleefully served me with a smile, something that I was quite unused to when shopping at Myer in the past.

When I got home, I shared the sequinned pants with the FB crew and let me tell you, there was no shortage of commentary drawn.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 10.11.05 am

“Um um…. Do they look good on & do they make you feel like a modern “I dream of Jeannie?”

“Oh my god! Take them back immediately!!”

“Are you dating Disco Stu?”

“Goodness they are s fancy soft pant. I’m confused to how to feel about them where are they worn? What with? Where are they from?”

“I’m just starting to experiment with pants that aren’t black… Or denim actually so you know what I’m high fiving you for this purchase! Moving out of comfort zones! Yeehar!”

Jack came home from school, took one look at them and gave them the double thumbs up. He is my style guru, so gave me back the confidence, when I was beginning to doubt my taste. The only other thing is that I am 99% sure that I do not look like that lady up there when I wear them, but I am determined to have a crack. And if all else fails, there is always running off to joint the circus, I suppose.

Ironically, they are called Delusions Sequinned Pants. I think there is something in that, don’t you?

So when it comes to pants, are you a black pant only type of gal?

Or do you enjoy a feature pant?