The Mummy Uniform + giveaway!

I don’t write fashion posts very often, because let’s face it, sometimes my style can be called into question. Like here, and more recently here. This blog post was born following a conversation I had with my friend Tori recently, where she confessed that she hates shopping and is a very, very bad casual dresser. I gave her a lecture on the importance of a good ponte pant before confessing that I just actually lived in jeans and t-shirts during the day, and if I had to head out to a meeting, or a casual social engagement I would pop of my trio of items that would give me that little lift. That would make me appear like I have made some sort of an effort.

Those things being hoops, scarves and if chilly as then days have been recently, a cardi. Having a good collection of all three means that you need not look like you have just rolled out of bed, even if you actually have.

“But isn’t that just a mummy uniform?” I hear you cry…

Who fucking cares?

So whack on your denims and a t-shirt and have a look what my picks from the net can do for you! Please note that the entire 9 featured items are totally interchangeable. Now excuse me while I go and take this call from Sass and Bide……. they want advice on their latest sequinned bustier.
Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 10.29.24 am

hoops 1/hoops 2/hoops 3

scarf 1/scarf 2/scarf 3

Cardi 1/cardi 2/cardi 3

Please leave me your favourite style tip in the comments and my favourite one will win a pair of my favourite ballet flats!

I will let you know on Monday who that ballerina is.


Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 10.46.42 am

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