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Long standing family dispute ends peacefully. “My Dad and My sister have finally agreed.”

An open letter and public apology to my father.

Dad I want you to know I have jumped the fence and been disloyal to my core. I have left something that has served me well, and frankly been seduced by something a little bit down market.

I am now shopping at Aldi, and have left Coles ( who are now only used for a few nicer things and favoured products. )

I apologise for mocking you over many years and saying that Aldi has a core clientele of old people walking around close to death in complete silence grabbing at poorly displayed items that are sub standard in quality.

There is still a feel of desperation in the joint, but I can no longer disagree with your claim of value for money at the German grocer.

I have three teenagers who eat toilet paper and bathe in milk on weekends when they are home from school, so we are converted.

My apologies

Your loving daughter Frauline Ryan xo

Which was gratefully accepted…

Dear Daughter.

With age comes wisdom, perception and vision. Congratulations on coming out.

I have just returned from Aldi on Manly Wharf with 2 watches which I do not need. I am a victim!

Dad x.

P S Your original statement to me went along the lines of “Dad, only old people with colonoscopy bags shop at Aldi” Dear readers, what an Epiphany we are witnessing.

Thus ending years of bickering between them. This is good news people. Good news.

Speaking of family, I have been hosting my dearest step-father this week as he has been undergoing chemo nearby.I have enjoyed spoiling him rotten and I think he had a nice time, (apart from the treatment). He is in his late 70’s, a retired country solicitor and didn’t even put up a struggle when I made him do my meditations every evening. I even gave him Julia’s line… “I’m going to treat you so nice, you are never going to want to let me go!” Which was not true as he went home yesterday.

Mummy blogger makes full disclosure. “I paid for these things myself!”

The first is for cold sore sufferers and I know that you are out there….. yes, you! I hand on my herpes simplex heart think that these are the BUSINESS. I felt a cold sore coming on, that initial tingling and whacked one of these on….. NADDA! Killed it overnight. Get onto it people.

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Mrs Woog. Covering the important topics since 2010.

The other thing that I bought was on a whim. It was suggested to me by the online grocery store that I shop at. We ate it last night, and it was not half bad. (even though in this photo, it doesn’t look that great.) Good for effortless eating.

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j-Oliver’s smashing chicken something something from Woolies. #notpaleo

BUT… If I were not so busy buying cold sore patches and pre-packaged food stuff, I would be spending my money on these.

Mrs Woog learns that Passive Design is not a useless cushion.


Cat to return home. Owner goes into receivership.

One of the reasons that I will NOT  be buying super-cute silver trainers is that Chuy comes home from the vets tomorrow, where my VISA card is likely to combust in the swiper thingy. But that is ok… I miss his grumpy little face and diva-like cattitude around  these parts. Hopefully he has learnt not to fight with a cat from down the road who is the size of a german shepherd.

What is news in your neck of the wood?

Bought anything as exciting as me this week?

Advice for Chuy?