3 great books for Mothers Day.

Mothers Day for me, is Sunday 17th May. I know for the rest of you it is this Sunday, but I am shifting it back a week as I have to have Jack at an eisteddford at 7.30am.


One of my favourite things about Mothers Day is sleeping in, so I am just going to shove it all back a week as to achieve my desires.

Today I thought I would share 3 reads that you might like to stick your nose in and they are all about mothering.

Yesterday I went and watched Juanita Phillips (watch out, don’t trip over that name I just dropped….) introduce Jacinta Tynan’s new book Mother Zen.

I loved her speech. She talked about how there was a little backlash against the glut of mothering books on the market, and how it is going to continue as we have been quiet about mothering for 40,000 years.

Now Jacinta made headlines a couple of years ago when she wrote an article in which she expressed how easy and joyful she found the mothering experience. Even through some nasty backlash, she made lemonade with those lemons and penned Mother Zen. Part memoir, it is a hefty book that I am looking forward to sticking my nose in. While I wait. For the Eisteddford to start.

I do not find parenting easy. I need to be more zen and less screaming banshee.

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Next up is a really fun novel that those who have returned (or tried to return to work) after having kids will relate to.

Ally Bloom has had her bubba and has returned to work only to find that she is now reporting in to a 22 year old fuckwit, so she thinks “Sod this..” and retired to be a full time stay at home Mum. The book follows her struggles with playgroup, her lengthy visit from her monster in law and other dealings with the Mummy Mafia.

Confessions of a (once) Fashionable Mum will not deliver to you any pearls of genuine wisdom, nor will change your life. But it will make you giggle as you fly thorough the pages. I enjoyed it so much, I binge read it and knocked it over in a day.

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Now this is a very special book penned by Leigh Van Der Horst who lost her beloved mother to cancer in 2008. Without My Mother is a candid, humorous and heartfelt book.

“Never have I felt such emptiness. I feel like I am a shell with nothing inside. My stomach hurts so much. Or is it my heart? I feel sick. I am lost. I want my mum…

“When I woke, only seconds passed before I was reminded that my new reality was not a bad dream. My reality now did not involve my mother.”

I know that Mothers Day can be particularly tough for those amongst us whose Mum is no longer there at the end of the phone, or turning up at your place when you just cannot cope anymore. Leigh brings together the voices of many prominent women throughout the world, and opens a dialogue that is often too painful to explore, but must be, to honour of the Mums who are no longer with us. Expect to cry a little, and laugh a little. A must read.

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And to you, dear reader, I hope you have a day planned of loafing around, sitting in the sun with a cuppa and a good book, a long lunch with your family, time (and peace) for a long hot bath at the end of the day, and mainly finding that place of self worth, knowing that you are doing a fabulous job.