6 Degrees

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Mr Woog and I arrived back in Australia in 1998 having spent a couple of years living and working in Europe. Well, mainly London but by saying Europe it sounds fancier.

Anyway, we arrived home with literally nothing but the shirts on our back. It was time to get on with life, get a flat, get a job and become proper functioning adults. We moved into a place in Cammeray and scabbed a bit of furniture here and there. We bought our very first bed, which was the cheapest thing we could find. It was also the most nasty mattress ever invented but because this was before the whole “I must have it now so I shall put it on credit” craze that we live in now, we had to make do. Yes, we lived within our means!

So after a few years of toiling, we had a few bucks in the bank and I started the discussion about upgrading our bed. It was met with resistance, so I did what any good newlywed would do. I just went ahead and bought one.

I was delighted! A big king sized pillow topped ensemble arrived.

You see I had done a LOT of research into beds but I was staggered by the amount of cash one was expected to part with. Someone (I cannot remember who) told me about a business called Dial A Bed. I called and after discussing my needs with Pommy Ian the proprietor , I happily paid a much discounted price for a mattress that was perfect.

Over the years as we added people to the planet, I would call up Dial A Bed and speak to Pommy Ian, who always did a great deal for me. We have since added 4 more beds to our collection that usually arrived the day after I ordered them. Ian would always check on his stock, measure things up for me and give me the best advice and deals around. Like good old-fashioned, proper customer service that is quite rare to find these days. In the end Ian and I were like old friends.

Anyway. on Saturday night Mr. Woog and I ventured out in the pouring rain to celebrate Mrs. Jenkins 39th birthday. There was 80 or so people in attendance and when I arrived, Mrs. Jenkins told me that there was someone who wanted to meet me. And that is when it happened.

“This is Ian from Dial A Bed….”


Turns out Ian from Dial a Bed is Mr. Jenkins good friend from England.

We hugged. I told him that all the beds were doing well. He was dead pleased. And this post is not sponsored in any way, but if you ever need a bed dial Ian on 02 9743 3922. Or visit his website here. And tell him Mrs. Woog sent you.

Tell me YOUR tale of 6 degrees of separation!