Do you love going to the hairdressers?

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When it comes to going to the hairdressers, you are going to be in one of two camps. Those who love it, and those who don’t.

A recent scientific survey (and I mean I did it last night over on the WoogsWorld Facebook Page) shows that the split is pretty much 50/50. Some see it as a way to relax, read some rubbish magazines, enjoy a head massage and walk out feeling fabulous. And then there are those (hand up) who see it as a total pain in the ass, time-consuming and, depending where you go, jaw-droppingly expensive. I find it hard to relax, thinking of all the things that I should be doing.

I have had two long-term and dedicated relationships with hairdressers, but you know what? They move on, breaking your heart in the process. So I bounced around from here to there when things got so dire in the hair stakes, and only really went when I was almost completely grey and my hair resembled a mop. I want to be like my friend Annie, who goes to the hairdressers with a bottle of wine and some Pad Thai but I do not have that dedication to relaxation.

And then something happened. I found a mobile hairdresser! Her name is Marty and she is a game changer. She calls me every 5 weeks to make an appointment for the following week. She comes with everything, including one of those hair washing chairs. She makes no mess and I can sit down and watch the news as she does my hair. Once my colour is on, I go and start making dinner and she cuts one of the boy’s hair. I am back in the chair then for a bit as she does lord knows what next, and then I check dinner and do other shit while she cuts the other boys hair. Prior to her visit, I put out a general call to the neighbourhood mums and so there might be a few more kids show up with $20 for their haircut. Then she washes my noggin, blowdries it into submission and then it is DONE. And you know what?  I actually DO feel better. Plus she doesn’t try and sell me shampoo for $68.

Is that not the best use of time that you have ever heard of? I know that you can get mobile spray tanners, mobile nail technicians and mobile beauticians. The only thing that worries me is, why are you spending all this time zshooshing yourself up if you are obviously never planning to leave your house?

When it comes to visiting the hairdresser, what camp are you in?

If you have a particularly brilliant hairdresser, feel free to give them a shout out in the comments.