The opportunity to right a wrong.

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I took the boys into the city today because I had this firm belief that we needed a wholesome family outing to The Marriage Equality Rally at Taylor Square. We had some lunch and straight away, they both needed the loo. I am still not a fan of sending them off to the bathroom by themselves in a public toilet situation, so I took them to the “Parents” room in Myer. You know the ones? That you can change your babies nappy etc?

The whole process took far longer than I anticipated due to the fight that ensured after one of them left a surprise for the other one in the toilet. I apologised to all the Mums in there with babies when all I wanted to do was say to them…. “This is all ahead of you! Enjoy your baby while you can!” But I didn’t want to give more reasons to be stared at.

We then walked through Hyde Park and up Oxford Street, spotting rainbow flags along the way. I am a big fan of taking action and have written about protesting before. The thing about it is that you need to be truly educated about the cause and educate your own kids on the facts.

Today we had some great speakers at the rally. I particularly loved it when Kerryn Phelps said.. ” This is what is must have felt like just before women were granted the vote.” And it is true! Change is coming. It has to happen. Let’s look at the list of countries that have changed their laws.













New Zealand




South Africa



United Kingdom

United States


But not us! You could have pushed me over with a feather when I heard Alan Jones this week agreeing that it was time for a change. And he is the voice of the elderly and conservative! And there are now many religious groups who have seen the light of equality!

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The problem that we are faced with is that this issue has become a political one, not a human rights one. This motion will be passed, no doubting that, but I dread to think about the amount of political argy bargy that will proceed that actual act of righting our wrongs.

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Alex Greenwich, the Independent Member for Sydney, asked us to all write to our local member. And I know those who are on the WoogsWorld Facebook Page are probably sick of me nagging at them. But this is so simple and yet so effective that I ask you to get your voice heard. He even said that even if you do it yourself, email 5 of your friends and urge them to do the same.

So I thought, why not ask each and every one of you here (and there are quite a few Thank You!) to click-through to Where Your MP Stands, punch in your postcode and find out if your views are being represented as you would wish… and it is SO CLOSE…. just so close. It will make a difference.

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I mean if Ireland can do it, why can’t we? And remember New Zealand?

It’s time, don’t you think?