Woog News – Notes from a conference.

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Well I escaped the lads this week and took myself off to the city for a few nights. My agency The Remarkables Group, gets us all together for a couple of days of bonding, learnament and fun. This blogging caper can be a lonely old business so it was great to catch up with some like-minded friends who do not care if you stare at your phone while you have a conversation with them. Our digs? Pier One Sydney Harbour and yes. It was delightful.

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So I did what anyone would do when faced with a pristine hotel room. I spread all of my crap all over it, ran a bath and walked around naked for a bit. It was then that I realised how much I needed a bit of time out, and I was grateful for the chance. I know I love the boys and the noise and the mundane and Mr. Woog, but far out, it was nice to get away.

Highlights included a dinner at The Intercontinental Double Bay. I had a fascinating chat with the Head Concierge about the revamp of this hotel following years of it being run into the ground. Little did the owners know, but while it was vacant for many years, the security guards who were in charge of looking after it were actually hiring out rooms by the hour for partying, prostitution and the like. Oh if these walls could talk, imagine the tales that they could tell!

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This brass handrail is original and needed many hundreds of hours of hand polishing to restore it. Princess Diana used to stay here. I wonder if she ever slid down it…

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Smaggle, Hair Romance, Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily and The Organised Housewife.

During one session of the meeting, I was interviewed by a journalist about this and that and her final two questions were by far the easiest. What is the best thing about blogging? And to me that was simple. Community hands down is by far the best thing, building communities online, sharing stories, tips and ideas. Challenging thoughts and seeing other sides of an argument. It makes the world a less of an asshole place if you ask me. Finding like-minded people and connection. It is my crack.

And the worst thing about blogging? The really dull Christmas Party when you open a packet of snack sized BBQ shapes and pour a small plastic cup of wine. By yourself. But I do give a great rousing speech to myself using Photo Booth.


Veggie Mamma installing a “plug-in” into my “back-end”. It has something to do with computers but SOO MANY DOUBLE ENTENDRES TO CONSIDER…

I think that my favourite session was conducted by the Chief Strategy Officer of Naked Communications, a fella by the name of Brett Rolfe. Here he is.


“Hi Brett”

One of the things that we, as a group of bloggers, were collectively interested in doing was to use our leverage for social good. Brett guided us by topics that we had raised as ones that interested us, and funneled our ideas into a tangible useful campaign. I have teamed up with Lorraine from Not Quite Nigella and Bruce from Big Family Little Income  to further investigate and discuss the issue of Gender Equality and I cannot wait to get started on it. So many good ideas flew around that room that one was bound to hit me, and it did.


Please note that we were being ironic.


Hair Romance, the best hair blogger in the whole damn world, did my hair. Also am currently seeking botox collaboration…. KIDDING! I have shrunk this photo down on purpose. You are welcome!

At a conference, the organisers always like to leave you with a super inspiring speaker to rally your emotions and leave the event as pumped up as Kylie Jenner’s pout, and that person was the publishing powerhouse Lisa Messenger. Like me, community is her crack, but at a far, far, far, far, far bigger scale so much so, that she has built a media empire around it. If you have 5 minutes, take a listen to her talking about it. (Sorry for the shoddy camera work).

So that’s my news.

What have you been up to? Anything good? 

What drives you each day?