6 Funny Blogs that you should be reading.

“I must confess, I have never made any observation of what I apprehend to be true humour in women … If ever anything does appear comical or ridiculous in a woman, I think it is little more than an acquired folly or an affectation.” was a line that famous playwright William Congreve wrote back in 1695, and is thought to be known as the first sledge about the notion that women cannot be funny… And to that I say a big fat…

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 8.15.19 am

“Fuck you William!”


That’s right. Fuck you mate because what a heap of horse shit. The modern-day female funny ladies are everywhere, and we are just getting warmed up.

So I have scouted around recently and am following a couple of up and coming funny ladies writing of the internet, so I thought I would share a few of my notables.

Have a laugh on me

Emily’s passion is writing and Champaign, sometimes indulging at both at the same time. A mum to young kids, she is the mistress at taking the piss out of herself. She is a journalist, a freelance writer and a blogger, and also a self-confessed nosy parker. She invited you not to laugh with her, but laugh at her. And you will.

Kirsten and Co

A little pocket rocket from Bris-vegas, Kirsten is an incredibly creative writer and has a fascinating character called Charmaine who pops in from time to time, to dispense her excellent bogan life that is full of triumphs and troubles. Her mum Pam even stalked me at a hotel once. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree it appears. You must catch her Cooking with Kirsten videos, lady knows how to deliver a line, even when it is dry as a desert. (or should that be dessert…)


A very unique voice in the blogosphere, Mumabs will have you smiling from the first word. She is the mistress of image placement, which litters her musings. It is worth a visit for the crumpet alone.


Don’t call it a Mummy Blog or she will cut you. Not a fan of the hipster movement, she is everything that Dr. Spock is not. Does not take shit too seriously.

The Thud

Written by Lauren, former political journalist who is now reporting from the front line of parenthood. Half Martha Stewart, half Roseanne Barr, her words are real and honest and addictive.


What happens when a gorgeous American backpacker meets a spunky Aussie bloke and falls in love? Well she ends up knocked up and living in Mudgee. I describe Summer Land (yes her real name) as a young Chelsea Handler. She has just published her first book, where she tells the tale about losing her virginity to a tampon. I love her (and she loves me, but she just doesn’t know it yet.)

So there you have it. Chicks CAN be funny. And there are a lot of emerging writers out there doing their thing and bringing laughter across the internet.

Please feel free to add any others that you love in the comment section!