A Question of Ethics.

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Credit – Sydney Morning Herald

This morning I dropped the kids off to school and texted a couple of mates to see whether anyone was available to partake in that time-honoured tradition of meeting up at the cafe, inhaling caffeine and whining about things that are irritating.

No one was available because, you know… people have lives and all. Mrs Jenkins couldn’t get there till late, as she explained that she was “Walking with Jesus” which is what she calls teaching scripture.

So I walked home and marvelled in the fact that one of my great mates was actually a scripture teacher, (albeit a very sweary one). And as I walked, I could not stop thinking about one person.

Fred Nile.

You see when it comes to scripture in schools, my kids have done the lot. Catholic, Jewish, Baha’i and Protestant. We are not religious (Mr Woog is an Atheist and I pray to the altar of Chatswood Chase) but I respect the rights of people’s individual beliefs so I thought it best that they dip their toe in and explore different religions and let them decide for themselves.

But then the Ethics Monster reared its ugly head, and threatened to turn our kids into foaming mouthed devils with no moral compass to reflect on, clutching a one way ticket to damnation.

So naturally, I enrolled my sons.

The truth is that ethics has nothing to do with religion, but Fred insists that it will affect the “Bums on seats” movement. Ethics is a strand of philosophy, and heaven forbid our kids might make meaningful and empathetic decisions on their own!

But I think the thing that is really pissing me off my friends, is the power that Fred Nile actually has, when it comes to politics. Recent news indicates that Nile will back the leasing of NSW assets IF Mike Baird promises to remove any references to ethics classes in school enrolment forms.  A move that Baird denies.

“There is no connection whatsoever between this issue and negotiations over the electricity bills… HUMPH”. he says, folding his arms in slight tantrum.

So then, why are there proposed changes that means that parents, when enrolling their kids into school, will only be asked what religion they practice, instead of including ethics as an option? Is it just me, or does this seem very unethical?

Is a 99 year lease of our Poles and Wires systems to interested investors such as The State Grid Corporation on China and China Southern Power Grid, ethical?

Perhaps it is our politicians who should put down their bibles and get themselves enrolled in an Ethics Class. Couldn’t hurt, right?

Should Fred Nile have so much power?

Do your kids do scripture, or ethics?