Chicken and Leek Lasagna


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Look, I like cooking when I feel like it and I never feel like it on a weekday at 6pm when everyone is standing around the kitchen salivating. So now, on the weekend when I can crank up my music and actually enjoy the process, I have been hosting a Cooking Club in my kitchen, making three dishes that can be frozen and nuked if required during the week. Chuck a bit of salad and veggie on the side… Please note that there is one member of the Cooking Club. ME.

Yes, I have become that person.

Yesterday I made a chorizo frittata, a spicy beef ragu and a chicken and leek lasagna which turned out just so bloody yummy, that I had to share the recipe with you.

  • thyme, about a teaspoon.
  • Salt and Petter

Whack your oven onto 200 degrees and grab whatever you usually make lasagna in. Pick the dried off bits of leftover lasagna from it.

In a heavy based pan, melt that butter and chuck in the leeks and garlic. I like to cook them really slow so that they can caramelise. YUMMMMM.  When you think that they are done, hit the high heat and chuck in your chook, give it a good dose of the old salt and peps and add the thyme. Stir.

Now is the time for a wine for yourself (I didn’t indulge as it was only 11am) , while you brown up that bird. When it starts to get some colour on it, whack in your flour and stir like a person possessed. After a minute or so, refill your wine and slowly start adding the milk and stock. Bring it to the boil before calming everything the fuck down, by putting it on the simmer for ten minutes. What you are left with is a bloody excellent filling for a pie, cannelloni or in our case, a lasagna.

How easy what that? Seriously. If I can do it, you can too.

Now assemble your lasagna as you normally would, layer upon layer upon layer until you reach the top. I am an advocate of more layers that less. Then, pour your passata over the top, cover it in foil and whack her in the oven. Bake for twenty minutes.

Then remove the foil, chuck on some cheese (I used ricotta and Parmesan) and bake it for another ten to fifteen minutes.

Pour wine.

When the top is nice and melted, remove from the oven and ask one of your kids to set the table. When he refuses, send him to his room and ask the other one to do it.

Let the lasagna sit and rest on the bench for five minutes. I find this gives it time to finish cooking and cook down a little. Serve that baby up with some plain salad leaves. No dressing. It is not needed with this dish.


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Are you going to make it?

Can you let me know when and send me your address?

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