Giveaway! Aladdin and his Wondrous Lamp. The Panto is back people, the panto is back…

Panto. Funny name, funny business.

I spent a Christmas as a kid in London, where my Dad was living at the time. He was very excited about taking us to a “panto”, which me being thirteen and all, well my eyes were rolling on rotation.

But I was as wrong as an obnoxious teenager could be! The theatre was opulent and full of families who obviously knew what a treat they were in for. A sat down, wishing I was anywhere else.

And then the curtains rose and I was immediately taken with the antics, the songs, the camp as christmas characters, “OH YES WE ARE!”…. “”He’s behind you!” and the screamingly funny dialogue which caused the crowd to roar with laughter. It was Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in a way I could never have imagined.

Now here in Australia, the Panto is back in the form of Aladdin and his Wondrous lamp.


From all accounts this is going to be a cracker. Look at that cast! The gorgeous Jessica Rowe, and by unwitting friend Dicko. Word on the street is that former NRL player Beau Ryan is hilarious in it. Jono Coleman is just MADE for panto. It is having a short run at the State Theatre for the school holidays, with the opening night being this Friday, the 3rd of July. You can book your tickets here.

But wait! Theres more….

If you are in Sydney this Friday night, and wish to take a break from folding the washing basket in front of Better Homes and Gardens, enter my giveaway for your chance to win one of two lots of four tickets for the red carpet premiere!


Tell me in 30 words or less, Why do you want to come along? Simple hey!

The winner will be announced tomorrow Wednesday 1st of June.

Can you win?