Starting a fresh page.

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Hold onto your handbags ladies, unlicensed advice coming at you in 3, 2,…..

A busy weekend here, resulting in fractious behaviour from the offspring. One particular over-tired child hit the skids and flew into a meltdown of impressive proportions.

So I ushered him into his room so he could complete his performance without an audience.

A few minutes later, he wandered out and found me and calmly announced… “I am starting a fresh page.”

And that was that.

How fucking great is it that you can convince yourself that all is ok, when clearly things are not! It got me thinking how come kids can hit the re-set button, yet as grown ups, we find it all a bit harder. We LOVE to hang onto the past, and excess baggage. We will never forget something that someone once said about you that made you feel like shit.  We worry, we worry so damn much that it can affect the way we live.

When does this happen? Kids can be best mates one day, mortal enemies the next and before you know it, they are best mates again. They are (generally speaking) great ones at shaking things off and letting things go. Maybe Taylor and Elsa were right after all.

It doesn’t matter what it is? Maybe something small like putting off going for a walk. Or maybe it is something massive, like you are slowly discovering that you accidentally married a dickhead. Whatever it is, only YOU have the power the power to change it. Mr. Woog was always so bitching and moaning about his job until one day, I cracked the shits and told him “Just do something about it!” and he did. Sometimes I feel like I am flatlining, and then I remember. I am in charge of my own feelings. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

So maybe we should take a leaf out of my son’s book and too, start a fresh page. And as James Prentice said “Never be afraid of trying something new. Noah was an amateur: The Titanic was built by professionals.”

What is it that you have to let go of?

Do you need to start a fresh page?