Your Favourite Book

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Last night Mr. Woog was watching Masterchef with us when he announced that television shows these days are complete crap. I explained to his that reality television was attractive to make as it was relatively cheap to produce and they actually made the networks money because of all the commercial tie-ins. For example, Masterchef would be banking big fat cheques from Coles, Alfa Romeo, Harvey Norman, Finish, Swisse, Ariston, Global, Scanpan, Domayne, Tourism Victoria, Vittoria Coffee and dozens of other brands who wish to be aligned with that show.

Each 30 second ad spot is sold for about $50 thousand dollars and the program is expected to rake in more than $80 million dollars in advertising revenue.

He then said something about how he thought Channel 9 was close to being bankrupt. Which caused me some concern because… LOVE CHILD!

The truth is that advertising is the thing that allows folk to create original content. Hell, I even do it on here from time to time with sponsored posts and the like! Without the advertising connected with WoogsWorld, it would simply refuse to exist in it’s current format.

It is getting a little crazy now though, and the line between paid for content and pure content can be difficult to decipher to the untrained eye. Especially when media news sites and some bloggers still refuse to disclose any commercial agreements. SPANKYTOWN!

Now there was a point to this post. Just let me remember what it was.


So after Mr. Woog left the room last night in protest, he went to the office and finished off the book he was reading. This morning he gave it to me and told me that it was a cracking read, and could I pass it onto his father, the formidable Dr. Woog who popped in just after my beloved left for work.

Dr. Woog took it off me and announced the fact that he really liked books. He also said…

“Maybe you should ask the people on your blog what their favourite book is, and they can share it and so we can all have a list of really good books to read.”

So as a favour to the Woog men in my life, I would like to ask you just that. It will give Mr. Woog some sweet, sweet relief from watching Coles ads and Dr. Woog, well he would be just delighted!

Add your favourite reads in the comments!

What do you think of television these days?