Bex and a good lie down.

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Occasionally I am asked for comment by main stream media regarding a certain issues. They are mainly regarding the latest wave of “Mummy Wars” topics designed to get mothers, the country over, to clutch their pearls and flap their hands in outrage. And write horrible comments in the comment section. (Note to all, never, ever read the comment section of MSM websites unless you have drunk a bowl of cement first.)

And then more often or not, I get a couple of complete loons who track down my email address and spew forth vile words of indignant outrage directly on my screen.  LOONS. Delete.

My usual comment that I trot out in such cases, when I am a social commentator, is that everyone should just calm the fuck down, take ¬†chill pill and get on with their day. BUT, yesterday, I suggested instead to Take a bex and have a good lie down, just for some variety. You know, so I don’t appear too predictable.

So this morning I checked my inbox and there it was. An email from a reader called Mr. Snell. I took a deep breath and read on…

Greetings Mrs Woog.

Re: ‘ Mums who are upset at this image need to take a Bex and have a good lie down.’

Do you know where any are available?

Ex-Bex afficianado

Well, Mr. Snell I shall replace my commentator hat and pop on my investigative journalist jacket as I think that there are others out there who would also like to know what happened to Bex.

Bex was introduced to the market in the 1930s in both powder and tablet form. It was a strong compound analgesic which contained the highly addictive phenacetin. Over the decades, it because known as Mothers Little Helper, with housewives taking up to 3 doses of Bex each day, just to get through.

My grandmother Marion LOVED Bex. I remember seeing it at her house a lot. She also LOVED Quick Eze tablets and Tab Cola. And fruit based deserts.

But the problem of thousands of doped up women running households was soon evident in a huge spike of women presenting with various kidney disease. And it was all down to the consumption of Bex.

“A cup of Tea, a Bex and a good lie down..” soon mean that there was a fair chance that you might never get up. Because you were going into kidney failure. So in 1977, Bex was pulled from the shelves and women went through detox. Before replacing their poison with goon wine and prozac.

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Were you a fan of Bex?