Born this way. Why you hate coriander.

The following post comes as the result of waking up at 4.55am, and being unable to go back to sleep for an hour and when you DO go back to sleep, you have super strange dreams that your house is spinning on an axis.

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I have this friend called Tori who cannot abide spanish onions. On anything. She cannot eat anything that has been in contact with a spanish (or red) onion, as it makes her feel sick.

There are certain things that I cannot abide by either. You can read all about it here.

But much like the white and gold, or blue or black dress puzzle that swept the internets earlier this year, there is another thing that divides the masses.


Known as cilantro in some countries, the word coriander is said to derive from the Greek word for bed bugs who for some, the taste would be similar. This aversion is thought to be caused by a generic throwback which means that the coriander haters complains that it tastes metallic or soapy. But it so not your fault. You were born this way!

Famous foodie Julia Childs (whose film Julie and Julia inspired me to write a blog) said that if she was served a dish with coriander, she would fling it onto the floor!

Me? I adore coriander. I love the refreshing lemony-lime flavour that brings a dish alive. Known as Chinese Parsley, I sometimes confuse it with Flat leaf parsley, and I suspect that I am not alone in making that mistake more than once. It pisses me off to realise this as I go to add it to a dish.

My step-dad has never, and continues not to, tolerate coriander. But he doesn’t like chilli either… weirdo.

When it comes to coriander, what does it taste like to you?

Any other foods that you cannot tolerate?