Discreet Breastfeeding? NO DRAMA!

Last night on The Project, the fabulous Carrie Bickmore took down commentator Steve Price over a tweet that he sent out into the universe on the 13th of July.

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So in his defence, he has never breast-fed a baby so he probably doesn’t know what an extraordinary skill it actually is to walk while feeding your baby. If I could ever find out who that marvellous woman is, I would send her some champagne. I would also like to engage her services and produce a series of webinars with her, about how to breastfeed in unforeseen circumstances. Because sometimes a baby gets mad-hungry in less than ideal environments and those boobs have to come out, wherever you may be.

I have spent a fair bit of time in airports of late and have seen little babies wailing while people look on, with the “tsk tsk” look that tends to happen. Women then leave the lounge to go to the toilets to feel their bubba. For every woman who feeds their baby in the dunny, I would like to see a bloke go into the urinals with their beer. Because it is exactly the same.

I contacted Qantas this morning to see where they stand with regards to breastfeeding in their terminals. A spokeswoman responded with, “At Qantas we welcome all mothers and their babies in our terminals and onboard our flights. Our cabin crew and ground staff are always very happy help particularly when families are travelling with very young children or infants.” 

They have no issue with it, so why should Steve?

I have to admit, breastfeeding came hard for me. Mainly because my boobs took on a life of their own and required a separate post-code from myself.

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But I persisted because, well mainly I was lazy and breastfeeding was free, convenient and made me be still for a while.

I will never forget lining up at the Coles checkout with a friend who I met through mothers group. Both of our babies started getting a little fussy and she whipped out her boob then and there, and fed her son as she paid for her groceries. So I tried to do the same, but my breasts were like an unfettered hose, things got messy and I didn’t look like the cool earth mother that I so desperately wanted to be.

I recall as well, feeding in the middle of the night and dozing off, waking moments later to find that the baby had sucked where it shouldn’t have, and I was the temporary owner of a useless third nipple, about 2 centimetres from where it should have actually been.

In closing, I would like to extend my support to ALL mothers, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, starting solids… all of you. It is hard. I found it hard. So if you can manage to head a street parade while breastfeeding twins in tandem, all power to you girlfriend. You are fucking amazing.

As are you, breastfeeding Qantas passenger. Respect. And for you Mr. Price. think before you tweet. Or take your opinions, as well as your beverage, into the dunny and write them on the back of a toilet door.

Did you find breastfeeding simple?

Ever done it somewhere really cool? Like on a Ferris Wheel?