Review – The Fairmont Sanur

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Until recently, the small fishing village was known as “Snore”, because there was not a hell going on. It was full of retirees who lived there, as they were able to rent houses for $3000 a year.

Over the past few years, it is gaining popularity as an alternative to the hustle and bustle of Kuta, and other popular tourist destinations. This is because it is reminiscent of the Bali you might have found 20 years ago. A place where you can walk the streets without fear of being run over by a thousand taxis and motorbikes. It retains the feeling of a small community, even though a couple of jaw-dropping resorts have snuck in amongst the fishing boats.

One of them is the recently refurbished and re-branded Fairmont Sanur.

The Fairmont chain of hotels and resorts is, worldwide, one of the brands that conjure up the essence of laid back luxury. You expect a certain level of fancy, but without the need to get around like you are totally up yourself. It is thongs and sarongs, but leave the Bintang T-shirts at the door.


For me, food is a big deal when it comes to holidaying. I abide by the law of “there is no calories whilst on vacation.” The Fairmont Sanur’s breakfast buffet is as good as you are going to get with all the usual characters, and the option of a-la-cart.

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We dined poolside for lunches because, well to be honest I could not be bothered to get out of the old cossies.

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They had a wide range of things on the menu, including a healthy options which I laughed and laughed at. Although having said that, I did partake in a lot of delicious fruit, as I didn’t want to be backed up like the M2 on a Friday night.

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But there was always a pastry chaser.

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Sanur is about a thirty minute drive from Denpasar Airport and sits smack bang on the beach. There is a walkway that snakes along it, and you will hear the occasional ding of a bike, telling you to get out of the way. People like their bikes in Sanur.

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And many places you can practice your handstands, should you feel so inclined.

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She is a relative newcomer, so is seriously shiny and clean. I abhor high rises on the beach, but the Fairmont is an unassuming 4 stories high and wraps its way though stunning gardens and water features.

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It feels big, but manages to act small, if that makes any sense at all. And in the typical Balinese way, the staff are there to predict what you want about 30 seconds before you know about it.

A visit to the Day Spa is a very good idea. I asked for the 37 knots to be removed from my shoulders, and Putu was happy to oblige for 90 minutes. I feel like a new woman, ready to type away without fear or retribution.

The pool is, as it should be, the centrepiece of the resort and was well attended by the Woog Contingency.

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The swimming sessions led to a lot of sleeping of an evening. This dude grew before my eyes…

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Apparently there is also an excellent gym. Apparently.


FAR OUT! STAND OUT! It was love at first sight as we arrived late in the evening, to find a room fit for a queen. It was huge, the bathroom was huge and there was a massive verandah off it with daybeds, a bar fridge stocked with  complimentary drinks and a TV. You know when you are staying in a resort room and the kids are tired and cranky but you want to stay up and watch Wimbledon? You can do so here.

There was one slight issue when we arrived in the room. Due to a miscommunication, the kids beds had not been set up. The horror on the faces of the staff were soothed by my dulcet tones, and within 7 minutes, the kids were tucked up snoring in their freshly assembled beds.

Room was outrageous. I cannot stress this enough. OUTRAGEOUS. Think what would happen of Florence Broadhurst and a Traditional Balinese Architect had a baby.

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Other things of note:

Kids club is big and clean, with daily activities for your lot. If you have kids 0-6, I think it is best suited to that age group. Experienced Nannies and warm welcomes.

The Fairmont Sanur is very family friendly, with everything you need if you are travelling with kids, like high-chairs cots etc. There are two smaller, shallower kids pools, and the chefs will even whip up fresh baby food on demand.

I can recommend a Gin Fizz at Happy hour, where you can sit on the lawns over looking the beach while watching the world go by. I can also recommend you chow down on a few satay sticks while doing so.

All in all, our stay was sublime. This is a resort for people who like to relax, take it all in and have 2 hour sleeps during the day. (Guilty).

There are a few spaces left to visit the Fairmont Resort with me and some fabulous WoogsWorld readers at the end of the year. Click here for the details.

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I believe an honest review should also contain the downfalls of a property. In this case, Jack complained that there were too many water features. And one time, I had to wait for a minute to have my Bintang replaced.

Sleep Quality *****

Location *****

Rooms *****

Service ****

Value ****

Cleanliness *****

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Sanur. Do you dig it?