Sliding into home…

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Yesterday I caught up with my three best mates to celebrate (belatedly) by 42nd Birthday.

A long lunch with these gals is always good for the soul, as they are funny and very good company. We discussed, amongst other things, sex, my plans to turn Ricky Martin into a straight man, friendships, kids, a lying cheating ex-husband, our parents, work, cats and other stuff. Like you do. Add a bottle of bubbles and you know you are in for a good time.

They are thoughtful and well established gift givers. About 8 years ago, I was in Thailand with two of them, (the other was stuck at home with a newborn) on my birthday. They asked me what I wanted for a present. I told them that I would like a can of diet coke, which was swiftly delivered. Now annually, ever since, I get a wrapped can of Diet Coke each year. When I get home, the kids always ask… “Did you get the can of Diet Coke?” and are always pleased when I do.

But yesterday, they gave me a can of full strength Coke, because now that I am “sliding into death”, I deserve to live a little. Apparently.

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Yes, once you hit 42, you are “Officially middle age and it is all downhill to death from here…” according to her card.

“Really?” I asked her.

She is a journalist and lives a very evidence based life, full of research and theories. She explained that the average Australian woman’s lifespan is 84 years. Therefore 42 marks the beginning of the end. Then I opened the next card.

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To be honest, death doesn’t scare me because I am not going to be around to wonder about it. I have even written my eulogy here.

So sure. I might be sliding into death, but before that happens I am going to go now and put on my trainers, meet the Huffy Puffy girls up on the corner and run around the streets with my gaggle of giggly girlies as we talk about the benefits of running with a double bra on.

And then I am going to come home and neck that can of coke, because there is life in the old gal yet!

Ladies, I love you so much. Each day is a blessing I am sure.

Do you have refreshingly honest, hilarious friends?

Let them know you love them today.