To the Victor goes the Spoils!



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Yesterday I flew into Melbourne to pitch for some business from a very large medical type institution. And it ended with me in bed with Smaggle watching The Voice.

So, how did I go? Alright I think. I quite like thinking on my feet and pushing the boundaries, but yesterday I suspect I pushed them too far.

Without boring you with the finer details, I was a part of a group of about 20 bloggers. Apart from myself, they were all health bloggers and were very knowledgable about their areas of expertise.

Wine was served.

Wine helps me think, so when was my turn to present, I was excited to share my idea entitled The Dozen Hot Docs.

In essence, every month was dedicated to a certain type of medical practitioners. For example, January was Gynaecology Month. February was Dermatologist Month. March could be Cardiologist month, etc,etc,etc. Each state would nominate their hottest practitioner in each category, and then we would vote on it.

The winners would then appear in a calendar called The Dozen Hot Docs, with the over all winner being Santa in December. And as an added extra, each month would feature a medical reminder that correlates with the particular specialist field that was featured. Like January is get your pap smear! February? Check out those moles, ok? When March comes around it is time to check your ticker and your blood pressure.

I was able to solidly demonstrate how my idea would gain traction, perhaps get some mainstream media attention and be a solid investment for the establishment. It would encourage us to take our health seriously and reduce the incidence of appointment cancellations.

I didn’t win that day. Smaggle did because she basically put her hand up and said she would be willing to offer herself as a human guinea pig for extreme health movements.

Later I asked for feedback. I was told that although my idea had some merits, it was highly inappropriate and extremely sexist and would have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting through the legal department.

Have you ever had a great idea that turned out to be a goose?

How do you go when you have to stand up in a crowd and present?