Truly Fucked Up

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This week will be filed under the label, Truly Fucked Up. I am going to shut the drawer on it, and it is only Wednesday.

Last night I attended a fundraiser for the Black Dog Institute to remember a friend who lost his battle with depression a decade ago. I spoke at length with his father. We chatted about how far mental health awareness has come in the past ten years, and how there is still a lot of work to do. He told me that Michael, his son, would often say he wished that he was a paraplegic instead of living with mental health issues, as he would be taken more seriously in the medical system.

The night before, I had a good old chin wag with one of my favourite aunties, Aunty Margaret. At the end of the conversation, we agreed that it was all time that we had a big family catch up, and laughed that we only seemed to catch up these days at funerals.

Then overnight her son, my cousin Jim, died suddenly in his sleep.

Permission to file this away under Truly Fucked Up? Granted.

The day before this all happened I was speaking at length to Mum. We went in hard and deep, talking about life and how you have to really LIVE it, not holding back or wishing the days away. We both agreed it was important to plan things, to do at least one pleasurable thing a day, more if you can. Have something to look forward to. See your friends. Travel, Eat good things. Laugh. She said to play golf, but that is not really my thing. Have long lunches with friends in the garden. Smile at strangers and wish them a great day. Wake up a bit earlier and read a chapter of your book.

Yesterday an old man served me in a shop. He called me sweetheart. No one does that these days, but we should as it made me feel eleven again.

So, sweethearts, do something good today. Do something nice for someone else. I am going to try my hardest today, so this week will not have to remain in the Truly Fucked Up file forever, because there is a chance I can crawl out of this hole by Friday, and I am going to take it.