What to do if your flight is cancelled.

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I have put together a little quiz for you. It is kind of like a personality test for unexpected setbacks. Let us begin.

Your taxi arrives at the International Airport just as you receive a text from your airline, saying that your flight has been cancelled. Do you:

A – Lose your shit

B – Calmly lose your shit on the inside but immediately dial the number supplied.

C – Burst into tears, lose your shit and then go and join the massive queue of people crying and losing their shit at the Jetstar Service Desk.


Your husband realises that you are in quite the irritable mood while you are on the phone to a dim lady with no cerebral activity. Does he:

A – Mind the bags and the children so that you have no distractions as you spend 50 minutes explaining how to spell your surname.

B – Ask if you have change for the Diet Coke machine.

C – Takes charge, telling you to go and have a soothing beverage at the nearby bar, and he will fix this whole big mess.


Your airline advises you that you have just missed out on any remaining seats the next day due to the fact that you are taking a long time to make decisions. You agree to fly from Sydney to Melbourne the following day, wait around at the airport for 6 hours before flying onto Denpasar. During this decision-making process, all of those options suddenly sell out. Do you:

A – Hand the phone to your husband saying that you have had enough.

B – Hand the phone to your husband telling him that you have had enough and he refuses to take it as he has no idea what is going on, and do I have change for the Diet Coke machine.

C – Lose your shit.


You finally find a flight which means your holiday is cut very short. You do a cost analysis on your daily expenses and realise that you should have gone to Italy instead. Do you:

A –  Vow never to take holidays in schools holidays again because the flights and accommodation are roughly 600% more expensive.

B – Investigate home schooling.

C – Try and put it out of your mind because you want to remain calm.


You face the fact that you are at home instead of being in Sanur. Do you:

A – Invite friends over for drinks so you can complain to them

B – Install Netflix and watch a documentary of Childhood Obesity

C – Get up and pretend that we are at the breakfast Buffet and become a short order cook.

D – Vacuum the entire house out of frustration.

E – Take the kids to the indoor pool and tell them to close their eyes and pretend it is an infinity edge pool while you serve them drinks from a water bottle with little umbrellas in it.


The correct answers are B, A, B, A, ALL OF THE ABOVE.

For my religious readers, do me a favour and ask the big guy to blow that volcanic ash to other way. Thank you. xx