Advice for Kitten Owners.

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“Under no circumstances is Chuy to ever lie on the couch, ok?”

Did you know that yesterday was International Black Cat Day? Black cats have got a bad rap. People do not to own them as they do not photograph well. (I am serious! Click here)

If you have a black cat, I am hoping you haven’t woken up this morning suffering from a hangover. I hope you celebrated sensibly. Like with a warm bowl of milk.

But for those of you who are living with the joys of kitten hood, I have some advice for you.

NEVER INTRODUCE YOUR CAT TO FANCY FEAST. Because if you do, you are in for a rough ride.

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Put quite simply, Fancy Feast is kitty crack. One taste and they are hooked. It turns your gorgeous feline friend into a complete screaming junkie, who follows you are the house, not giving it a break until he or she gets his (or her) hit. And the serving size is about a tea-spoon, so you end up giving that nagging fucker about 4 tins. And then the cat becomes completely high on Fancy Feast and goes into a spin. Meanwhile you are eating no-name baked beans because all your money goes to the dealer, a company called Purina.

When I contacted Purina about the addictive nature of Fancy Feast, I was brushed off, and called Mrs. Wong.

My cat is an addict, although he comes from humble beginnings. Some may even cruelly call him a bastard. Recently he spent some time in a cat hotel, and his report card came back saying he was big into smooching but was “somewhat fussy with his food.” That is because….. FENCER FERST. There are many forums dedicated to FF Addiction, Click here for example.

Are you living with Fancy Feast Addition in your life.

Have you put your cat through FF rehab? All tips greatly received.