How to do a Girl’s Weekend in Melbourne

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Last Friday Mrs. Goodman and I boarded a Qantas flight. We were full with vigour and good cheer. As we sat in our seats, I heard someone say “Hello Mrs. Woog!” and I looked up to find two gorgeous readers!

We chatted and I asked them where they were off too…..

So it seems that although I was full of vigour and good cheer, I had forgotten to pack my brain, FOR WE WERE ALL OFF TO MELBOURNE BABY!

You see Mrs. Sparks, our ex Huffy Puffy Trainer to the Reluctant and good friend, had moved to Melbourne and as she is one of those people who you do not let escape your life, we were due for  catch up.

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It started with lunch at The Food Smith, a great little cafe in Hampton which had the most amazing food and cakes to die for. It became apparent that Melbournians are very, very serious about their baked goods.

Later that evening we had a drink at a bar, like a normal person, followed by a kick ass dinner at White Rabbit, where I ate Pork Belly with a fruit compote, slaw and a few chips just for good measure.

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Now we where there to catch up, chat and of course…. SHOP! Here are a few standouts that I can recommend.

Birds of Paradise Designs

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This is a new shop in Hampton and as we walked in, we all had a collective interiors orgasm. You will not find this stuff in Ikea. The owner Kate sources gorgeous unwanted Art Deco pieces and breathes new life into them. And as you can see from the prices, they do turn over quite quickly. She works with a courier company and sends out to all over the country, so check out her online shop here. Simply fabulous.


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This is a small chain of boutiques, that also sell online. CLICK HERE. Beautiful cuts and fabrics and again, stuff that you will not see on every second person that you walk past. I snaffled up that black and white silk dress for $90. SCORE FIST PUMP AND ALL OF THE THINGS. Cute staff too, just saying.

Vintage Soul

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You can smell the old leather as you walk in the door of this very groovy shop which is dedicated to selling vintage cowboy boots and cool leather handbags. Rows of Doc Martens and leather jackets also lined the walls. Mrs. Goodman found two handbags that she loved. Click here for more details.

Various Food Porn Outlets….

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Now the Flagship store in Melbourne is one of the most profitable on the entire world! Personally, I am not a fan of their clothes because I find them a bit plastic, and I have a gift of making really cheap apparel look even cheaper, but they DO have a great range of homewares, with things like pure linen doona covers and cool rugs. It is on the top floor and I would recommend a visit.  Click here.

Urban Attitude

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Plan to spend at least an hour wandering around in this store, which is a collection of just the most awesome gifts and gadgets ever. I wanted this mug, but innocent eyes prevented me from purchasing it, but you can order one here.

I also bought this cushion at a shop, but was so delighted and beside myself that I forgot to take a note of the stores name and have since removed and disposed of the tag….

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Melbourne, you are a cool place. And jesus, you know how to make a good coffee!

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But the best thing without a doubt was the constant chatter, feeling talk and laughter that was the result of good friends coming together. Stop vomiting into a bucket please. You know it is true. I also made Mrs. Sparks drive me to Shane Warne’s house in case he was out the front mowing the lawn and I could have a chat to him, but he was nowhere to be seen. Just a lonely, black hire car with a chauffeur waiting for him. And if that makes me a legitimate stalker, then I am down with that. Was also sad not to into Gina Liano. But there will be a next time, and I will try to get my people (me) to tee up something with her people. Sister loves some eyeshadow!

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 9.52.03 amWhats your favourite thing to do in Melbourne?

Are you due for a girls weekend away?