Pop Portrait Giveaway WINNER ANNOUNCED!

This promotion has now closed. The winner is Deb Anderson with her entry –

I didn’t grow up in a house of music, we had a lone cassette radio player that sat often silent on top of the fridge with two lonely cassettes propped next to it, the bests of John Denver, & Cliff Richard. Music came in the form of the Sunday movie, whether it was Shirley Temple tapping up the stairs with Mr Bojangles, or Seven Brides bringing marriage to Seven brothers, my mum & I would sit through them, loving the Jets & the Sharks, & Natalie Wood as she twirled & trilled, “oh so pretty”…. This leads me to the crush that came in the form of the Village People, long before I knew that gay was more than just happy. Caitlin was still Bruce, Valerie was slipping & sliding in a hot tub of beautiful young boys & the biker in chaps was singing Oh Danny Boy just to me.
This was a crush that lead to a good 10 years of loving gay boys. As the 1990’s came to a close I came to the conclusion as I kissed a boy at 6am at the Taxi Club (I wonder if it’s still there) never crush on a boy who wears more make up than you do – it will only end up in tears & you’ll be left with mascara lines telling the story, singing Oh Danny Boy just to me.¬†

Thanks for all the entries and don’t forget to visit Marie’s website! xx

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You know how sometimes you meet someone, and you instantly fall in love and want to run away together and have babies? Well, apart from the running away together and pro-creating, that person for me is Marie O’Neill.

Marie is a very talented designer and illustrator, and did that family portrait of us, which now hangs in our house and makes me smile every single day. I kindly insisted that we get together to give YOU the chance to win a Pop Portrait of your very own family.

But what happens if you cannot stand your family? Never fear! She also does solo portraits. And your fur babies are also covered off.

So a good game is a fast game. The winner of this awesome prize will be announced on Monday. So you have all weekend to dazzle me with your wit!

Let’s play with the theme of POP here. To enter, in a few sentences, tell me….

Growing up, who was your favourite Pop Star, and why?

I loved Nik Kershaw more than anyone else in the world. When he sang “Wouldn’t it be good…” I knew he was singing it directly to me. And I pashed his face off on Smash Hit Posters.

Winner announced on Monday and entries are invited from all over the goddam planet!

Visit Marie’s Website HERE.