Why do we have fingernails?

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The other week Mum came to visit and we went and had manis and pedis. As I watched on as a lovely lady snipped away at all my cuticles, I got to thinking…

Why do we even have fingernails at all?

I mean, look at your hands. Do it right now. Do you think that it is a bit strange that there is a nail at the top of every finger?

What are they for?

Well, you know me and my need to know all things random. Turns out, our fingernails are flattened claws. As we started living on the ground more, and less into hanging out in the trees, our claws became troublesome as we scampered away from hungry sabre tooth tigers and the like, thus eventually the ended up looking like what you have at the end of your fingertip today.

So why the fuck do we have cuticles?

This is an important barrier which is designed to stop infections entering the nail bed, which we stupidly soak and let someone snip away at the with (hopefully) sterile scissors.

And so back to the manicure. I selected a colour, that if my memory serves me correct, was called something like DO NOT FORGET TO TAKE THE BIN OUT FOR IT IS SUNDAY NIGHT YOU IDIOT, and was happy with the glossy scenario presented before me. I went to pay when the next ridiculous thought flashed into my head.

When my friend Elke was younger, her sister was peddling their exercise bike really fast when Elke wondered what the greasy chain would feel like as it ran around the sprockets.

Does she now get a 10% discount when she goes for a mani?

Do you think she should?

Next week, join me as we continue with the series, Why Do We Have?

I am taking suggestions!