What to do when your treads suffer a blow-out!

Sponsored by ASICS and The Athlete’s Foot.

When The Athlete’s Foot asked me whether I would like to work on a new campaign with them to share the fact that they stock a great range of ASICS for kids, I asked Jack to fetch me his sneakers to see whether they needed replacing.

And it was fairly obvious what the answer was.


They don’t even have proper laces because he had found these things called Hickies on the Internet and nagged his Dad to death until he ordered some.

Nagging. It really does work.

And so that is how we found ourselves at the nearest Athlete’s Foot on one busy Saturday morning.

Back in my day when you needed new sneakers, you were given your sister’s old ones while she scored a new set. They were Dunlop Volleys, which would be sent through the washing machine often. She would get a brand new pair; so white you could be blinded by them.

Then along came the 1980’s and people started to get themselves very worked up about sneakers, as they were called them. Not like now. We like to call them trainers because we don’t do exercise. We train.

For what, I am really not sure.

But I digress.

The market became flooded with high-end sneakers, and all of a sudden a new status symbol was born. Muggers had a field day, robbing people of their shoes. And you can see why, when a pair of Nike SB Flom Dunk High Sneakers will set you back $7500. A ridiculous name and a ridiculous price, if you ask me…


Our assistants name was Tom. He had a few things going for him, our Tom. He was a Kiwi (I have never met one that I didn’t immediately like). He was easy on the eye, because that is also quite nice to deal with, and he knew his shit when it came to shoes.

Another thing that has changed is the fitting process. It is all very high tech, with measurements taken and a whole heap of palaver to undergo before Tom knows what sort of shoe is best going to suit.






Tom disappeared to fetch some trainers while Jack tried out his new spinning board.

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Through a process of elimination, Jack narrowed his choices down to three pairs of ASICS. The process included going for a spirited run around the store, as well as bouncing up and down and jumping over a pile of boxes.


My sensibilities suggested he went with the darker pair so they didn’t show the dirt, so he immediately ignored me and went with the white. But with a green colour way. They apparently were the “springiest.”


I thanked Tom for all of his assistance. I asked him, when it comes to shoes, what do we, as oldies, do wrong. He pleaded with me to make sure Jack unties his shoes when he removes them and he also dispelled the myth that you should buy two sizes bigger, so you can “grow into them.” One size is preferred.

And so with a spring in his step, we left the store and celebrated with a traditional cheeseburger.

The End.

Shop the ASICS kids range HERE.

Do you have a favourite pair of shoes that you can recall from your childhood? I loved my Jaycees!

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